Allen West: REVEALED! Even HILLARY knew this was going on…

It has been revealed that Hillary Clinton knows a lot more about this additional threat to our southern border than she or the Obama administration has ever talked about. You are aware that there has been the incursion of Islamist across our border. What you may not have heard about is how much infiltration is taking place throughout the Caribbean and South America. There needs to be a new focus on all our American neighbors and the issues that they are facing.

As Written By Allen B. West:

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve already had enough of the grandstanding about Russian political interference in our election. This whole episode is driving me bat crap crazy, and it should you, as we’re wasting taxpayer dollars on hearings and chasing windmills.

If anything, we’re making Vladimir Putin larger than life. Furthermore, should we expect the Israeli Knesset to hold hearings on the Obama interference into their elections? Heck, we know that Obama through the Kerry State department used American taxpayer funds to dispatch campaign operatives to work against the reelection of Prime Minister Netanyahu. So let’s drop all this pretentious bovine excrement and find out the real issue: who is leaking classified information and unmasking individuals to media sources?

I wish we’d focus on serious issues, such as our Senior Fellow at the NCPA, Dr. David Grantham, revealed, and the Daily Caller reported: “Growing Islamic extremism in Latin America constitutes a “major security threat” to the United States, according to an analysis published this month by the National Center for Policy Analysis. 

And to all the liberal progressive detractors who seek to make everything a partisan issue, remember this: ”Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton also warned of Iranian sponsored terrorism through Latin American “proxies” during a 2013 off-the-record speech to Goldman Sachs employees that was made public by WikiLeaks.

Yes, even SHE knew what was going on.

“If we had a map up behind us you would be able to see Iranian sponsored terrorism directly delivered by Iranians themselves, mostly through the Revolutionary Guard Corps, the operatives, or through Islah or other proxies from to Latin American to Southeast Asia,” Clinton said.”

I suppose one has to ask, why was this admitted by the former Secretary of State, off the record? Could it be that it was not “cool” to talk openly about the spread of the global Islamic jihad in Latin America?

Well, we’d better start talking openly about it now.

“The threat from Islamic extremists in Latin America remains an overlooked aspect of U.S. national security strategy,” NCPA senior fellow David Grantham argued. Grantham noted that “Saudi Arabia has invested millions to construct mosques and cultural centers in South America and Central America that expand the reach of its rigid version of Islam, known as Wahhabism.”

“The international spread of Saudi dogma, which the State Department’s first special representative to Muslim communities worldwide, Farah Pandith, called ‘insidious,’ has laid the foundation for likeminded radicals to thrive in other areas of Latin America,” he explained. Later in the brief, Grantham noted that the “threats to U.S. security in the Greater Caribbean region are even more alarming in Trinidad and Tobago. The small island nation off the coast of Venezuela, once the target of an overthrow by Islamic militants, has also become a breeding ground for ISIS — 70 of the 100 Latin Americans known to have joined ISIS originated from the small country.” 

The ease of mobility Islamic extremists have in Latin America is also cause for concern. “Islamic extremism thrives where there is illicit finance and relative ease of movement across national and international borders. The mobility of terrorists throughout Latin America poses a serious problem,” Grantham stated. Perhaps the greatest Islamic extremist threat in Latin America, though, is the Islamic Republic of Iran, which Grantham said could potentially strike the US from Latin America as a retaliatory act.“

The Islamic Republic has the capability and infrastructure to strike the United States from Latin America, but experts disagree over whether it would take that risk,” Grantham writes. “Experts consistently discuss the likelihood of a preemptive or first strike attack on the United States, though, which creates too high a standard. Instead, the argument should focus on the prospect of retaliatory attack.”

We’ve known about the seriousness of a growing Islamic jihadist base of operations in a tri-border region between Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. This area has become a haven for Iranian-related Hezbollah and other jihadists. It has morphed into a lawless region where billions of dollars are flowing through arms sales and other illicit activity.

I remember once when the progressive socialist leftists tried to make a big deal out when I stated not everyone crossing our southern border is coming to work in hotels, clean our yards, or be in the construction industry. It’s because I’d been tracking what is happening in Latin American, our southern hemisphere, when it comes to Islamic jihadist expansion. We must come to realize the transnational criminal organizations — drug cartels — are more than happy to work with anyone who pays. That means as long as we have a porous, unsecured southern border, these nefarious entities will be smuggled into our…….


REVEALED: even HILLARY knew this was going on… – Allen B. West –

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