Allen West “SHAMEFUL: The one simple rule for defining hate speech in Obama’s America”  

This is inexcusable.

Written By Allen B. West:

Okay, it’s now time to say this: who determines what is “hate speech” in America? When business owners who decline to provide their service to same-sex marriages because it violates their First Amendment freedom of religion beliefs have death threats levied against them – are those threats not “hate speech?” I suppose someone decided the lives of Christian business owners don’t matter. Just recently we reported the story of activists calling for the killing of white people, especially law enforcement officers — even advocating for lynchings. We’ve had individuals such as Louis Farrakhan advocating for killing white people. Is this not considered “hate speech?”

A disgruntled black, gay man gunned down three innocent white people, killing two– Alison Parker and Adam Ward — in Virginia this past week while they were conducting a live news interview. The assailant ended up taking his own life after recording video of his actions and posting it to social media. No marches in Virginia, no riots, no righteous indignation — well, unless you take into account the typical drivel about time for gun control. There were no statements about “someone could have been my son or daughter.” The lack of a response from the Obama White House is telling.

And then we awoke Saturday morning to find out the horrific story of Deputy Darren Goforth, a 10-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s office, shot in the back while pumping gas. As we reported today, policy have charged 30-year-old Shannon Miles, now in custody, with the shooting. Miles has a criminal history including convictions for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct with …..


SHAMEFUL: The one simple rule for defining hate speech in Obama’s America – Allen B. West –

TX Deputy Shooting Suspect Due in Court Monday

Shannon J. Miles is scheduled to be arraigned in Houston, Texas on Monday. He faces charges including capital murder for the fatal shooting of Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth on Friday evening. (Aug. 31)

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