Allen West Shares His Thoughts on Veterans Day and Threats Facing Current Military Personnel

Col. Allen West discussed his thoughts on Veterans Day and the threats facing our current military personnel.

By Dom Giordono for Philadelphia CBS: 

Former Congressman and Colonel Allen West talked with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT on Veterans Day about his service and what the service of so many in our armed forces means for the United States.

West said it takes a special type of individual to enlist in the service of their country.

“It’s a reflection back on the service, sacrifice and commitment of men and women that have given their time to this great nation to make sure that they stand on freedom’s ramparts so we can enjoy our liberties. I think about those men who answered the call of arms at Lexington Green and Concord Bridge. I think about those patriots who stood and established our great nation there in Philadelphia, with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I just remember my dad who served in World War Two, my older brother who served in Vietnam and then my nephew who is now serving as a young Major in the United States Army and all of the friends that I have been with.”

He stated that despite the growing challenges that need to be confronted abroad there will never be a time when Americans fail to rise to the challenge.

“We see the growing 21st Century axis of Russia, Iran, and China. We see the proliferation of the militant Islamic jihadist groups from…..


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