Allen West SLAMS Obama on deadly gun violence in his hometown of Chicago

by Allen West on July 7, 2014

When it’s politically expedient, liberal progressives will use any gun violence to further their anti-gun agenda. However, when it’s in their backyard, the cradle of their gun control efforts, they are amazingly silent. Liberals talk about how all the illegal immigrants are escaping the violence of their countries, but is it possible to escape from the city of Chicago?

Based on what happened there this past weekend, people may sure want to.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, by 7 a.m. Monday, 11 people had been killed and at least 60 others wounded in holiday weekend shootings across the city since Thursday night. Two more were shot dead by police.

Nearly all of those killed were black or Hispanic men age 35 or younger. Two —Shaquille Ross, 18, and Kezon Lamb, 19 — were teenagers. One was a woman.

“According to ABC News station WLS-TV in Chicago there were also three police-involved shootings on July 4th alone. They city has been actively combating gang and shooting violence in recent years after a bloody year in 2012, when it was the only city in the nation to record more than 500 homicides.”


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