Allen West: Soldier KILLS terrorist after stabbing attack; what happens next is APPALLING to me

Army First Lieutenant, Clint Lorance, a fine soldier, is in Leavenworth. It makes no sense. He saved his teams lives, but the Army and Obama didn’t like it. He gets punished while deserters and traitors walk around free. The world is upside down and nobdy knows it. 

As Written By Allen B. West:

Here in America we demonstrate an astounding level of confusion when it comes to which members of our military should be incarcerated, and which should be set free.

How many years has it been since Bowe Bergdahl walked free with common knowledge that he was a deserter in a combat zone? That is a crime punishable by death. Yet, the stalling continues — remember we gave up five senior Taliban leaders for this coward. Oops, perhaps I shouldn’t have said that since the new line of defense for Bergdahl — y’all do remember him, right? — is that since Donald Trump made certain statements during his campaign about him (and is now commander in chief), his defense attorney asserts there’s undue command influence regarding the fate of this deserter…an indisputable charge and crime.

Then there’s Army PVT Bradley Manning, whom the Army charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced — there is no one of record named Chelsea. But apparently if you cry about having the mental condition gender dysphoria, you can find sympathy with an outgoing president who grants you a commutation of your sentence. So the person who committed a heinous act of treason in a combat zone — again, punishable by death — by releasing over 700,000 classified documents, resulting in the confirmed deaths of some covert collaborators, will be going free.

Yet, we have a young Army First Lieutenant, Clint Lorance, who sits incarcerated in Ft. Leavenworth prison for doing the right thing: ordering the enemy to be fired upon and killed, to protect his men and their position. And sadly, it was our own U.S. Army that withheld critical, exculpatory evidence in Clint’s case. You gotta ask, how can we have a country where a president and someone running for president can abandon Americans to die, lie about it, and not face any retribution, no consequences? Yet face the enemy, doing what you’re trained and commanded to do, and you find yourself sitting in prison.

That, folks, is the pure definition of FUBAR. Of course the liberal progressive socialists see Manning as  the victim. They see Bergdahl as someone who served with honor and distinction. They see Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as their standard bearers. The left calls the death of four Americans — Ambassador Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glenn Doherty, and Sean Smith — “fake news.” Nah, it’s just news, truth, that they dismiss because those lives mean little when it comes to their beloved ideologues.

But, it’s not just we here in the United States who are confused about what to do with our young men and women in uniform when it comes to the enemy.

As reported by World Israel News, “An IDF soldier found guilty of manslaughter for shooting a neutralized terrorist in Hebron almost a year ago was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

An Israeli military court in Tel Aviv on Tuesday sentenced IDF Sgt. Elor Azaria to 18 months in prison after finding him guilty of manslaughter in January. Azaria was also demoted to the rank of Private and received another 12-month suspended sentence.

Last March [2016], Azaria, a combat medic stationed in Hebron, shot a neutralized terrorist in the head as he lay wounded on the ground after committing a stabbing attack against the soldier’s colleagues. The defense maintained that Azaria felt his life was in danger, saying he thought the terrorist could have been carrying a bomb on his body. The prosecution insisted that Azaria’s action was unlawful and an act of vengeance, noting that the terrorist died of gunshot wounds rather than of those sustained during the attack.

The court questioned Azaria’s version of events and relied on accounts provided by other soldiers and commanders who questioned his actions. The court took into consideration several mitigating factors, including the fact that Azariya was an outstanding soldier and that he did not receive proper treatment from his officers when suffering from emotional stress after the incident, and sentenced him to the shortest term prescribed by law. The prosecution demanded a minimum of three years and up to five years in prison. The sides may still appeal the sentencing, potentially prolonging this saga.

The rare case of an active serviceman being tried for shooting a terrorist has polarized Israelis and inflamed public tensions, with some criticizing Azaria’s conduct and large segments of the public rallying behind him. Politicians have already called on President Reuven Rivlin to pardon Azaria immediately, saying he was defending the country on the battlefield. After the sentencing on Tuesday, Ministers Miri Regev and Naftali Bennett called for Azaria’s immediate pardoning. A poll conducted after Azaria’ conviction shows that 70 percent of the Israeli public is in favor of pardoning him.”

I just have to ask, what if SGT Elor Azaria had gone up to the downed Islamic terrorist who had just stabbed an IDF Soldier and become a victim himself due to a hidden grenade or bomb vest? Sadly, it seems that’s what we’d rather have happen. We’d much rather see our men and women killed, wounded or maimed just so we can say we were nice to the Islamic jihadists.

I just want to know, where were the prosecuting lawyers when SGT Azaria was out there with his life on the line? What kind of fools do we have that call it justice to release Islamic jihadists or believe they deserve mercy, while they sentence our own to prison?

If this continues, ask yourself, how long will it be before men and women are no longer willing to put their lives on the line? We all remember the compromised Operation Red Wing, detailed in the book “Lone Survivor” and the fact that that U.S. Navy SEAL Team was more concerned about prosecution from our own media and lawyers, than their survival. Three elite Navy Warriors paid the ultimate price and another rescue column was shot down in the failed …..


Soldier KILLS terrorist after stabbing attack; what happens next is APPALLING to me – Allen B. West –

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