Allen West “#SOTU Tonight, Obama will continue the Alinsky model of demonizing”

SOTU Barack_Obama_&_Joe_Biden_at_meeting_with_US_governors_2-23-09

Yesterday we posted commentary on President Obama using force and coercion as a tool to rule by executive order fiat, rather than leading and governing. We mentioned Obama hiking the minimum wage to $10.10 for federal contract workers — and we awoke this morning to find out he is doing exactly that.

Tonight, Obama will present his State of the Union address that will be purely political in nature. The focus will be on government fixing “income inequality” and creating opportunity, instead of policies that will enable Americans to create opportunity themselves.

We will hear the word “opportunity” but in reality, it is government-driven equality of outcomes — not opportunity. Liberal progressives truly believe it is their mandate to level out society in their misguided goal of social utopianism.

Therefore, Obama will talk about all the inequalities he intends to rectify and of course, if Republicans don’t agree, they must hate women, the poor, blacks — heck, they hate everybody.


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