Allen West sounds off on Obama! “90 Yazidi men have been executed by ISIS”

by Allen West
It was just reported on Fox News by Pentagon reporter Jennifer Griffin, that 90 Yazidi men have been executed by ISIS in a village vicinity of Mt. Sinjar. The women and children have been carted off, surely to be sold in Syria as that seems the modus operandi. Hey Barack Hussein Obama, way to go fella, now we once again see that your so called “breaking of the siege” at Mt. Sinjar was more of your lies and propaganda — and this time more people had to unfortunately die as ISIS made their point in mocking you. You Sir, Mr. President are a piece of work and as I previously stated, an inhumane coward. Enjoy your vacation, dance the night away, play more golf but just know that you are an abject failure and just like Bill Clinton enabled the Taliban and al-Qaida to rise — so it goes on your watch. We are going to need a true American mensch in the White House after you.

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