Allen West Sounds Off on Sheriff Joe’s Pardon

In case you have not been paying attention to the score card, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was convicted of contempt of court, which is just a misdemeanor. If it is such a minor crime, then there is only one explantion for all the hate and vitriol coming from the alt=left, the media, and the elite establishment. This was a political kangaroo court and here is the data to back it up. 

As Written By Allen B. West:

There are two qualities of human behavior I despise: hypocrisy and cowardice. Amazingly, while the opposite qualities are in ample supply in south Texas after the hurricane, the aforementioned are evident in our leaders’ response to President Trump’s pardoning of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arapaio.

First, the unrighteous indignation emanating from the progressive socialist Left is disgusting. There was nothing but praise from the Left when Barack Obama was releasing criminals all over the place. And when Barack Obama decided to commute the sentence of someone who released more than 700,000 pieces of classified information from the combat zone of Iraq, there was praise and adoration for Obama. And said individual, Bradley Manning, is now celebrated by the Left and featured on the cover of a major magazine.

Going back in history, there was nothing said about some of the folks pardoned by Bill Clinton; as a matter of fact, Obama even pardoned the leader of one of the most dangerous domestic terrorist groups, FALN, Oscar Lopez Rivera. Then again, back in 1999, it was Bill Clinton who pardoned twelve members of the FALN. And where was the outrage from the Left?

Fox News reports that top congressional Democrats seized on the pardoning in their continuing efforts to throttle Trump’s presidency and lay ground work for the 2018 congressional races and the 2020 White House contest.

“We’re sick to our stomach. Donald Trump just pardoned Joe Arpaio,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said in a fundraising letter Saturday. Anne Kirkpatrick, a former prosecutor trying to unseat Arizona GOP Rep. Martha McSally, late Friday night said Arpaio instituted “racist” police policies and attacked Republicans for not opposing the pardon.

“Those who remain silent are complicit,” the Arizona Democrat said in a fundraising letter.

Uh, we’re still awaiting a statement from “nutty” Nancy Pelosi condemning her white supremacist and racist dad, who dedicated the statues of former Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson …

Nancy, your silence makes you complicit. And to Ms. Kirkpatrick, a former prosecutor, I would ask: Why did you then prosecute sheriffs who enabled sanctuary city and state policies. Where do they find these intellectually and morally challenged individuals?

We’re hearing from the liberal progressive Left that the pardoning of Sheriff Arapaio was purely political. Well, here’s another hypocrisy alert: Barack Obama’s and Eric Holder’s investigation and assault against Sheriff Joe was purely political.

Here’s what I find the most detestable and deplorable aspect of this: The Left fully embraces and adores pardoning criminals who they perceive as victims because they’re aligned with their ideological agenda. However, those who are upholding what’s right and the rule of law, are despised, denigrated and assailed — especially if their stance is not consistent with the progressive socialist ideological agenda … hence why the Left doesn’t say a damn thing about a domestic terrorist group such as Antifa.

As we’ve pointed out here before, the Left celebrates law enforcement officials (I use that term lightly in this case) who refuse to abide by the rule of law, such a……..


Here’s what I find particularly DISGUSTING about Arpaio’s pardon – Allen B. West –

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