Allen West talks Iran, North Korea and our US Military with Debbie Georgatos

Allen West appeared on America, Can We Talk with host, Debbie Georgatos and among the many things they discussed West went into detail about some differences between the Kim family, currently in control of North Korea.

He specifically points out how Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il only fired 15 and 16 missiles during their reigns while Kim Jong-un has fired 83, 17 of which since Donald Trump became President as well as the growing concern of Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

He states, “This is not about whether they can actually land a missile here in the continental United States of America. You all are familiar with the electromagnetic pulse thing. If you detonate a nuclear device at a certain altitude everything within line of sight is fried it’s cut this out.

This is something that the Iranians had in the National Security Strategy two or three years ago so they are pursuing. This North Korea is working on delivery means the Iranians are working on the nuclear technology.”

“In 2007 when the Israeli struck a nuclear facility in Syria it was very similar to the North Korean facility at young beyond and there were North Korean advisers that were there in Syria you never heard of people about it”

Primarily the discussion in the beginning was focused on the nuclear capabilities of several threatening countries such as Iran and North Korea all the while pointing out, essentially, China will not help anyone with this.

With a stress on how “sanctions aren’t going to get the job done. Debbie Georgatos then asked, “Who is likely to be our allies [in the region]?”

“Without a doubt you have Japan.”, West Answered.

Honestly, it’s a great and insight video. Here it is for you!

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