Allen West Talks Veterans, Defeating ISIS, Black Lives Matter and Elections 2016 [Video]

Executive Director of the National Center for Policy Analysis, former Florida Congressman and retired LTC Allen West stopped by WECP-WJHG to discuss what he would be doing while back in town from Texas. The main topic of conversation was our United States Veterans.

As Written By Jennifer Holton for WECP-WJHG:

Lt. Col. West took time Friday afternoon to speak with WJHG/WECP about Veterans, defeating ISIS, the Black Lives Matter movement and Campaign 2016, as well as the role Florida plays in November’s election. He says it’s a big role.

“You’ve got to have Florida. You just have to,” Col. West said. “You know, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Nevada, you have to have Ohio, you have to have those key states. So it’s very important to focus your message and focus your resources. I would like to see, you know, what we’ve done here in Florida with the economic turn around, the investment in small business growth and corporations coming here. We need to have that happen with the United States.”

Though he hasn’t outright endorsed any candidate, the Lt. Colonel says the United States can work with Donald Trump, and that the alternative candidate is not acceptable. (courtesy of WECP-WJHG)

Watch the discussion below.



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