Allen West ‘Tees Off’ On Obama’s Failures

When it comes to irritating failures, it seems the President Obama has more than the usual allotment. Allen West brings some scorching opinions on the all time list of Obama failures. Are you not a fan of Obamacare? How has the President done on race relations? What is you favorite secret deal? Is it the Trans Pacific Partnership or is it the Iran Nuclear Agreement? What has happened to National Security and our Department of Defense? They are not in the best of shape. are they? Read Allen West’s list here.

Obama West

As Written By Alex Nitzberg for Accuracy in Media:

The President’s support of the Black Lives Matter movement and his public statements about nationally reported conflicts between individuals and the police contribute to racial tensions, retired Colonel Allen West told Accuracy in Media.

Colonel West believes that the President has “…set race relations in America back,” stating that, “…it appears that he has a certain ideological bent, and that has created this incredible current out there that has such racial tension.”

Obama’s decisions to skip the funeral of Margaret Thatcher and the funeral of “the highest ranking officer…[who] lost his life in Afghanistan” contrast starkly with his choices to “send representatives to the services for Michael Brown or…personally go to the services in South Carolina because of the horrific thing that happened there…”

According to Colonel West “…the President…always wants to try to use his skin pigmentation as a get out of jail free card. And what we’re talking about are his policies, we’re talking about his principles, we’re talking about his values not being in concert with those of a constitutional republic.” (there’s more, keep reading below)

Full Story Continues Here:

Colonel Allen West Critiques President Obama

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