Allen West: The BIGGEST reason liberals are spooked the UK left the EU (it’s divine)

The left will fear monger, scare, and intimidate everyone into believing “the sky is falling” and react as the markets have. Negative interest rates by the US Federal Reserve — c’mon, give me a break. Just ask yourself, what did the world do before there was a European Union?

UK and EU

As Written By Allen B. West:

The word nostalgia is defined as “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.” I recently shared with y’all my nostalgic moment of being back home in Atlanta for the Society of the First Infantry Division annual reunion, the 99th. Not only was I reunited with those with whom I’d served twenty-five years ago in Operation Desert Storm, but I was in eye shot of my boyhood neighborhood. It was very emotional to run through the Old Fourth Ward and stop at the home where I grew up and my elementary school. And it was a sobering moment to visit the final resting place of my Mom and Dad, Buck and Snooks West.

And I now sit in a hotel room at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lawton, Oklahoma, having experienced another emotional nostalgic moment. It was back in October 1983 when I first drove a grey and burgundy 1979 Lincoln Continental Town coupe — Dad let me drive it — through the Key Gate of Ft. Sill, Mother Sill, “Home of the US Army Field Artillery School.” And so yesterday I had the chance to drive through again, civilian contracted security officer, not an MP, but still it was great. I went in and turned right at Sumerall Hall, the weapons department. I then turned left and went past Snow Hall, the main academic building for the Artillery School.

I recalled FAOBC Class 2-84 and back and forth each day, until our final month, from our officers quarters to Snow Hall — rain, snow, cold, did not matter. I was shocked to find the old military sales store still in the same place, but received an even greater shock discovering they did not have the traditional Artillery red socks!!!! The Field Artillery branch color is red, and our history comes from the red leggings worn by gunners — hence our nickname, “Redegs.” I’m here for the 100th anniversary of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment, and speak at the dinner this evening — gotta have red socks, mine had gotten so old and worn, I had to ditch them.

Well, thank God for Dillard’s in the Lawton Town Center mall — they had an awesome pair of Polo red socks. I think I need to email the Commanding General of Ft. Sill, “Sir, it is unbelievable that the clothing sales store and the Post exchange do not have red socks– not cool.”

My point? Nostalgia is an important part of who we are, and we all have a sentimental longing and wistful affection for some aspects of our past. And late Thursday night, we here in America witnessed such happen on an international scale. Unless you have been stuck under a rock, or just don’t care, you know Britain voted by popular referendum to exit the European Union. And, of course, there was an immediate negative reaction from the global markets, especially here in the United States. We witnessed the Dow Jones Industrial average drop some 600 points.

But what did this vote represent? It appears there are enough Brits who wanted to return back to “Mother England.”

I believe there are several contributing factors to the Brexit vote. First, there is a revolt against a global elite who seem to believe they know what’s best when it comes to economic and national security. We’ve seen failures of global collective bodies of governance before; the League of Nations is one. And many would say the current United Nations represents another. There is a progressive socialist ideological agenda that seeks to advance a “world government” without borders and therefore, a loss of national identity. It appears the folks in the United Kingdom expressed their nostalgic desire to remain Britons, and identify as such. The insidious and incessant leftist rhetoric of xenophobia and multiculturalism is being rejected — and that’s perplexing and concerning for the progressive leftists. There’s nothing shameful about finding pride and honor in one’s nation, its history and past.

As well, we’re seeing the rejection of the globalist economic environment vision. One example of such is the newfound religion of the progressive socialist left, climate change. This, when carefully examined, is nothing more than a global wealth redistribution scheme, part of a greater global elitist agenda. The Brexit vote is evidence that Britons recognize the disparity in the economic policies of some EU member nations and are not willing to be the savior of those who are not following sound fiscal principles — meaning free market, and not socialist or crony capitalist policies. Why are the markets reacting so violently? Simple, the …..

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Here’s the BIGGEST reason liberals are spooked the UK left the EU (it’s divine) – Allen B. West –

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