Allen West: The conservative movement in America must recognize that it is fighting a two-front engagement

As Written by Colonel Allen West for CNS News:

I first read Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” as a young Army Second Lieutenant back in 1984. It was mandatory reading, along with Erwin Rommel’s book from World War I, “Attacks.” I have gone back and read “The Art of War” several times over my military career. This past weekend, I decided to re-read it again. The reason being, the conservative movement is lacking an aggressive, offensive oriented, focused strategy. If we go back to 2009-2010, we witnessed the rise of something new, a constitutional conservative grassroots movement, the Tea Party. The Tea Party was successful in bringing together an incredible mass of people, and its political success was the 2010 midterm election. However, what the Tea Party lacked was a strategic focus that looked beyond that electoral success, namely, understanding the response from the progressive socialist left, as well as the GOP establishment.

One of the basic tenets of “The Art of War” is to understand your enemy’s strategy, goals, and objectives. What the Tea Party failed to do was to understand the liberal progressive left’s playbook, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” As well, they underestimated the extent to which the left would go to destroy any ideological opposition. The result was Barack Obama, and the left unleashed the fury of the Internal Revenue Service and the liberal progressive media. And complicit with that was a GOP establishment who, wanting to consolidate their power, allowed the constitutional conservative grassroots movement to be assailed.

The conservative movement in America must recognize that it is fighting a two-front engagement. If it does not perceive this quickly, it will find itself in a double envelopment. The Romans at the Battle of Cannae, and the Iraqi Army in Desert Storm, due to the strategic brilliance of Hannibal, and the U.S. Military were decimated by said maneuver.

That brings us to where we are today, as it appears that the left indeed possesses a strategy room and can quickly mobilize its resources and assets. Consider the post-Stoneman Douglas High School tragic shooting and how quickly the progressive socialist left was, and still is, in issuing orders and direction to turn this tragedy in their favor for their ideological agenda. Suddenly, innocent, law-abiding gun owners in America are being targeted, and the lack of a unified response from the constitutional conservative movement in America has been very disconcerting. The fact that the anti-gun left, led by Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety,” George Soros, entertainment elites, and with the complicit liberal progressive media, assembled a nationwide protest movement featured in Washington D.C. called the “March for our Lives” is evidence that the left has a dedicated strategy room and can quickly marshal itself. Unless you are “stuck on stupid,” you cannot accept that a group of high school-aged kids, who are not well-versed in civics or the Constitution, could pull off such an endeavor. As well, we are witnessing a coordinated attack against one of the nation’s oldest civil rights association, the National Rifle Association, and the undermining of our Second Amendment. That can only happen due to a dedicated strategy that has been well-coordinated, and the constitutional conservative movement finds itself once again on defense….



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