Allen West “The cowardly, Alinsky model of demonizing a “political opponent”

Written by Allen West

There are many definitions for the word “coward” but there is no clearer example than Senator Harry Reid. Reid hides on the Senate floor where he has “immunity” and hurls out insults and disparaging remarks.

If Reid had any moral courage, he wouldn’t hide on the Senate floor, but man up and make his assertions where he will have to defend them. So, in true cowardly fashion and typical of the Alinsky model of demonizing a “political opponent,” from the safety of the Senate floor, Reid attacked Americans for Prosperity and their benefactors, David and Charles Koch.

Reid referred to the two brothers as being “un-American” — so much for the whole “civil discourse in politics” Obama was hoping for. I find it ironic that Reid had nothing to say about George Soros, who ranks far higher than the Koch Brothers in political contributions. Soros undoubtedly funds organizations like Media Matters and Center for American Progress, whose former director, John Podesta is now a White House advisor.

It’s ironic that Reid said nothing about groups such as AFL-CIO, SEIU, Organizing for America, NEA-AFT, Planned Parenthood, and others that contribute heavily to progressive socialist politicians. Reid also made no statement about the top 15 political donors in the country being Democrats. Nah, that’s the truth, and we all know truth is to liberal progressives like garlic and sunlight to vampires.

Reid’s ongoing despicable actions are that of a coward who believes he can hide behind his position to attack opposing voices, simple everyday Americans — as he recently referred to American citizens suffering under the onerous Obamacare edicts as “liars.” The Democrats, especially Senate Democrats, are running scared and when Democrats run scared they lash out. They create villains, i.e. the Tea Party is full of racists and extremists, the Koch Brothers are un-American.



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