Allen West “The dangers of “progressivism” in America”

Written by Allen West

I peruse lots of information sources for my own personal edification and in turn to provide analysis and assessments here on our website. One of those sources is Canada Free Press. I am grateful that we have liberty-loving neighbors to our North who realize that a strong, free market-based economy America bodes well for Canada and the rest of the world. A recent piece by Alan Caruba in the Canada Free Press expounds upon the dangers of progressivism in America, President Obama’s adopted philosophy of governance. He writes, “Barack Obama is the final piece of the map in the progressive movement’s century of steady destruction of the U.S. dollar, income taxation, and massive liberal intrusion into the lives of all Americans from birth to death.” The roots of progressivism lie in the pronouncements of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as outlined in the Communist Manifesto. These governing principles were adopted and implemented by men such as Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro and Chavez.




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