Allen West “The decisions, actions, and policies of Obama confirm he is an Islamist sympathizer”

by Allen West

So President Obama is now using our men and women in uniform in his blatant attempt to deny our First Amendment rights? Instead of a president who stands up and defines the Islamic terrorist enemy and open a dialogue and debate on the truth, he will now hide behind protecting our troops as a reason to suppress our First Amendment rights of free speech and free press.

I have no words to describe this action. Now I know why Obama didn’t attend the rally or dispatch any senior member of the administration. Apparently he agrees with the savages who assaulted the offices of Charlie Hebdo – it was they who provoked the Islamic barbarians.

The president of the United States does not have a “moral responsibility to push back on the nation’s journalist community” — he has a duty to faithfully execute our laws, the Constitution.

In that Constitution you will find the very First Amendment — which is the duty of the president to defend. And instead of trying to “push back” or control the journalist community, why not leverage every aspect of our nation’s power — which includes our the dissemination of information (and theoretically the truth) — to defeat the ideology of the Islamo-fascists?


Aiding and abetting: Obama crushes First Amendment to prevent anti-jihadist articles – Allen B. West –

“I’m sorry, but it must be stated clearly and distinctly. There can no longer be any equivocating: the decisions, actions, and policies of President Obama confirm he is an Islamist sympathizer.” ~ Allen West 

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