Allen West: The Distraction of Priorities 

There’s a very important lesson here from Allen West. The Liberal Left will always attempt to “distract” us off of major issues on their side that they want to see happen and come to fruition. And with the last days of the legislative session for Congress closing in fast, I imagine we’ll see several plays off this.

As Written by Allen West for Townhall:

Last week we were inundated with the preview, testimony, and aftermath commentary of the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with former FBI Director, James Comey. There is no need to recap what happened in the hearing as the astute writers of have done a fantastic job of analysis. The time has now come to move on, and end this distraction.

It is always interesting to hear what the American people outside of the DC beltway and media centers such as New York City deem a priority, as opposed to those inside these bubbles. The everyday American citizen is witnessing a reality TV show, a sick sort of soap opera that undermines their confidence in those elected officials to govern our Constitutional Republic, according to our rule of law. The public firing of Comey and the ensuing hearings are not unlike The Apprentice where the punchline is “You’re fired.”This insidious “Kabuki dance” that Washington DC has become provides a grave cause for concern but will it continue, or ever subside?Will there be a return to the priorities affecting the lives of our citizens?

If there is any lesson to be learned from the testimony of Jim Comey, it is that a different standard exists for the political elite in America.This strategy of obstruction and deception by the Democratic Party has to stop … along with the flurry of tweets by President Trump.

Last week the Trump administration touted a priority on infrastructure. Funny, I thought the Obama administration had that focus. The previous administration told the American people that a massive taxpayer-funded stimulus plan was required for “shovel ready” jobs. Then laughingly so, Barack Obama expressed that “shovel ready” was not exactly the truth. It seems he and his administration had a very serious issue with that word, truth. If President Trump is focused on infrastructure, then where is the legislative priority to accompany his policy vision? We need to put forward a plan that seeks a one-time lower tax rate repatriation of the trillions of dollars in American private sector capital that is outside of our borders. How hard would it have been for Congress, controlled by the Republicans, to introduce legislation back in January that offered an 8-10% repatriation rate effective for FY 2016 ending end of calendar year 2017? This is what the American people see as a priority: rebuilding our economy and getting Americans back to work. This is an example of what the investment markets are expecting, and why we have seen such a rise in the markets since November 2016 election.

There are less than 30 days of legislative session for our Congress before their August recess. Consider the major legislative issues and priorities requiring attention. Even more alarming is the fact that there are less than 50 days of legislative session before the end of FY 2017. The distraction of priorities has to end so that we have less focus on “dog chasing the tail” committee hearings, and more emphasis on solving our most pressing economic issues.

I have a proposal. Perhaps we should have these Members of Congress use their own personal funds when they hold hearings not related to the priorities of the American people. Yes, if the media wants to sensationalize, then let them, and let the respective committee members pay for the production of these daytime dramas … not hardworking American taxpayers.

In the case of healthcare reform, which is needed, it’s completely unconscionable that the GOP did not have a consensus legislative plan to present first thing in January. And no, I do not want the progressive…….


The Distraction of Priorities – Allen West

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