Allen West: The end of the two-party system in America…and what it means for me 

Is the two-party system dead in America? Have the Democrats pushed themselves so far left into identity politics and wealth redistribution that they can no longer be viable? Why is the Republican Congressfloundering around and seems bereft of a workable plan of leadership? If a new political movement were to arise and becme viable, what would it be called and who would lead it? Former Congressman Allen West talks about all this. Read on.

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I’ve said it before, that by the 2024 election cycle, America would be primed for a viable new political party.

We’re watching the collapse of the two-party political system in America. This week the Democrats rolled out some tired new branding that has nothing to do with the reality of their party. The Democrats are a party with no message, outside of identity politics and wealth redistribution. And if the Democrats really believe America is ready to be more like Western Europe and accept socialized medicine, they are indeed a special kind of stupid. The Democrats were successful in deceiving America with a one-time cult of personality candidate named Barack Obama. However, you can only go to the well once and the aftermath of the November 2016 election has revealed a party rooted in liberal progressivism, violence, coercion, intimidation, deceit, lies, and media manipulation via elites.

However, we are witnessing a Republican Party that seemingly has no soul, and is unable to effectively govern. The GOP has railed for nearly seven years about ridding the country of Obamacare, now with control of the House, Senate, and the White House, they are flailing about like a fish out of water. If the Democrats are a party with no message, the GOP is a party unable to communicate theirs.

All those wasted votes to repeal Obamacare, and now when the rubber meets the road, they’re defeating themselves. Does the Republican Party now just represent a lighter version of progressivism? I mean one has to ask, what Republican concurs with an expansion of Medicaid?

My recommendation would be simple, put all the Members of Congress, House and Senate, on Medicaid. And why would 24 Republicans vote for taxpayer-funded hormonal therapy and gender reassignment surgeries for those suffering from gender dysphoria in the military? The Republicans should have had this tax reform proposal down and ready to go back in February — March at the latest.

If you’re paying attention to the Dow Jones Industrial Average and our economy, we are propelling ourselves into economic growth in spite of the failure of politicians. If we had fundamental economic growth policies, our economy would explode and 3, 4, maybe even 5 percent economic growth would be achievable.

The American people elected a complete outsider to the world of politics to sit in the White House. Now, President Trump may have his detractors, and sometimes appear rather undisciplined in his own messaging, but his election says one thing…Americans are tired of “politics as usual.” They’ve lost any semblance of faith in the traditional party political structure, preferring outsiders. Washington DC is as alien to many Americans as the capital of Uzbekistan (which is Tashkent).

So what is the future? The Democrat Party is an elitist progressive socialist party focused on fundamental transformation of America. The Republican Party appears incapable of lacing up their shoes and are confused as to their fundamental governing principles.

There will be the emergence of a viable third political movement…notice I did not say party. The concept, the idea, of an established political party may be waning. Now, the challenge will be maneuvering the multitudes of rules and regulations employed by the traditional political parties to block the rise of anything new.

However, this will be a more decentralized organization — as stated, a movement. The support and funding will come, but what will be necessary is a very strong, principled individual to lead the way. There are two courses of action for this: it could be a very far left progressive socialist born from the world of academic elites who becomes the new era Karl Marx in America…someone of such grand charisma and appeal to entice this nation into taking the road to perdition. The other course of action would be a leader: true, born and bred of America who can convey a message of liberty, freedom, individual sovereignty, free market/free enterprise economic policy, and peace through strength — constitutional conservatism, or as I like to say, classical liberalism. The race to that end is on. Who will win?

I tend to believe it will be the latter, not the former. If there were ever a chance for a third party, and a third party leader it will come from a joining of conservatives and libertarians…Conservatarians.

Listen, when you speak to people on principles and values, you’ll find a solid 60 percent majority. In the minority communities, the fundamentals of faith, family, freedom, better education opportunities, and security win the day. Sadly, what these communities have often heard is the message of victimization, subjugation, dependence, and identity politics. If there were a movement that infiltrated and permeated every segment of this Republic addressing the issues of making American victors, not victims, it would carry the day. And yes, this is a movement that would come from outside of the “swamp.” Consider how many of the most lucrative counties in America surround Washington DC? Therein lies why Americans are rejecting the two-party system; they’re both serving their own self and special interests…….

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