Allen West “The Good Crisis that Can’t be Wasted”  

The words made famous by former White House Chief of Staff and current Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel are, never let a good crisis go to waste.

By Allen West for Townhall:

Of course he should have added in the very descriptive adjectives of “politically manufactured” right before the word crisis. And so it goes, not even one week since the shootings by a racist sociopath at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, we see the politically manufactured message being disseminated and promulgated by the liberal left progressives who seemingly own the Democrat party.

Instead of heeding the teachable moment being displayed by the people of Charleston, Emanuel Church, and even the family members of the souls who were horribly taken away – the message remains on that which seeks to divide. As we watched the services, the response, and human bridge of unity on this past Sunday, the prevailing ranting was still about race.

Let me make myself very clear: the sick, demonic individual who perpetrated the heinous attack a week ago should burn in hell. The act of evil he committed in unconscionable. But it was an individual act, recognized by the people of Charleston. To try and elevate this into some national level discussion is nothing more than political opportunism.

Need I remind those of us who know American history, it is rather hypocritical of the Democrat Party to believe that they are some champions against racism. Historically, they are the party of slavery, secession, segregation, Jim Crow, lynchings, poll taxes, and literacy tests. It was ….


Allen West “The Good Crisis that Can’t be Wasted”  – Red Right Republic


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