Allen West “The law is being changed to accommodate those who have broken the law.”

by Allen West

“The law is being changed to accommodate those who have broken the law” ~ Allen West

It’s becoming more and more difficult to rationalize the decisions made by the far left progressive socialists of the Democrat party. They truly are committed to the “fundamental transformation” of America in a very literal sense. The rule of law means nothing to those dedicated to this damaging political ideology and agenda. And so it is that I cannot explain California’s recent implementation of granting drivers licenses to those here in America illegally — truly a Pavlovian endeavor.

As reported by our friends at Townhall, “Under California’s Safe and Responsible Drivers Act, illegal immigrants will be able to apply for drivers licenses this year. Before, a legal social security number was required for a license in California, but under the new law as many as 1.4 million illegal immigrants are expected to be granted licenses.”

I find it unconscionable that the law is being changed to accommodate those who are here in violation of the law. And what do we say to those who came to America following the legal process and procedures to become a citizen as they sit back and watch this unfold?

The reason why I say this is Pavlovian is reflected in the words of one illegal immigrant from a story by the Associated Press (AP), “Mexican immigrant Jesus Moreno emerged smiling from a California Department of Motor Vehicles office on Friday with official permission to do something he’s been doing here for more than a decade: driving. The 30-year-old vending-machine installer, who has forked over hundreds of dollars in traffic tickets and car-impound fees as an unlicensed driver, became one of the first to get a permit under a new program to give driver’s licenses to the nation’s largest population of immigrants in the country illegally.”


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