Allen West: The Left’s unapologetic war on (Conservative) women

War On Conservative Women

by Allen West for Communities Digital News

This past week, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was pilloried by the Left, falsely of course, for comments he made at the Republican National Committee winter meeting in Washington DC. The comments made by Governor Huckabee were consistent with comments he made during a monologue on his Saturday evening Fox News show.

Governor Huckabee articulated that he promotes strong women based upon their talents and the opportunities afforded to women in America.

He contrasted that with the manner in which Democrats only talk to women — as they do every other collective group — based on government dependency.

Case in point: the Obama campaign 2012 slideshow, “The Life of Julia.” You might recall the story of a fictional character named Julia and her life from about age 3 to 67. Throughout her life, the federal government, i.e. President Barack Obama’s liberal progressive policies, help Julia, from Headstart, her public school education, college student loans, small business loans, wonderful “free” health care, and upon retirement, social security and Medicare.

As Governor Huckabee suggested, the progressive socialists of the Democrat party see Julia as helpless, unable to help herself, and it becomes the government’s de facto responsibility to help her. In essence, Julia surrenders her unalienable individual rights to the central government and sacrifices her pursuit of happiness for the government guarantee of happiness.

However, it seems there are some integral things missing in this “Life of Julia” like parents, husbands, or for that matter, any men. Julia has a child, but there is no father to be seen; but then again Julia doesn’t really need a man: Big Government has become her man. Her Uncle Sugar, as Governor Huckabee called him.


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