Allen West “The mask comes OFF: Look who Obama’s hanging out with NOW” 

It appears that former President Obama has taken a lesson from Hillary Clinton in selling his soul for speaking fees. Remember those one percenters on Wall Street whom Obama has demonized for eight long, interminable years? Well, the former President is glad to take a speaking fee from them. It is one that Hillary would be proud of. 

As Written By Allen B. West:

Well, we have another liberal progressive leftist hypocrisy alert. These seem to come almost daily, often multiple times a day. And this latest revelation, well, it just makes you scratch your head.

As reported by Press TV, “Barack Obama will get $400,000 for one of his first paid speeches, a new report claims, overshadowing the former US president’s much-publicized return to the public eye. Obama would be paid the hefty sum for addressing a healthcare conference in September, Fox News reported Monday.

Cantor Fitzgerald, a New York City-based financial services firm [meaning Wall Street] that organizes the gathering, asked Obama to deliver the keynote speech particularly because of his signature healthcare law the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

Obama’s successor Donald Trump has pledged to “ease the burden of Obamacare” which covers some 20 million Americans. The news of Obama’s highly-paid speech emerged shortly after he broke his silence more than three months after Trump’s inauguration in late January by giving a “free” speech at the University of Chicago.”

Yep, the fella who just railed against Wall Street has chosen to go there for his first major speaking event post the presidency. This is the same Barack Obama, fond messiah of the progressive left, who always found it necessary to assault the one-percenters. Remember his famous assertion that if you own a business, you didn’t build that? Wow, so Obama gets $400,000 for talking. I just have to ask, will he write that speech? Very well, this is business as usual for the liberal progressive left, the hypocrisy of demonizing hardworking Americans while using cronyism to enrich themselves.

And Barack Obama is just the latest example of such — which I do not disparage – it’s just the hypocrisy that enrages me. Consider one Hillary Clinton who derided Wall Street, yet how much money did she make off speeches to those financial institutions? Then you have the left’s darling, Elizabeth Warren, who got exactly how many hundreds of thousands of dollars for “teaching” one college class? Funny, she then complains about the high cost of college education. And let’s not forget ol’ Uncle Bernie Sanders, that avowed democratic socialist. I suppose that means you get to vote for being miserable. But how many houses does ol’ Bernie have there? I know he recently completed building a very nice lake home in Vermont. But we need to redistribute wealth from the wealthy. Perhaps Bernie needs another house somewhere, maybe in South Florida?

I just find it unconscionable that we have individuals who are so morally bankrupt and ignorant that they celebrate these liars and hypocrites. I’m just saying, why pay Barack Obama $400,000 to give a speech on Obamacare, something that’s collapsing? Perhaps these folks at Cantor Fitzgerald want to comprehend how incompetent you have to have been to promote such a worthless endeavor? Maybe they want to know how it is a president can amend a law not through Congress, but by himself? Or maybe they just want to know how you can get away with telling a clear bold faced lie to the American people about keeping their doctors and insurance, and still get paid $400,000 to talk about it?

Regardless, this is what is appalling, that in America, lying and deceiving the American people is now financially lucrative. If you haven’t read about the further deception of Obama regarding the Iranian nuclear deal, you should. We wrote about it here.T he Politico — not exactly a conservative media outlet — exposé was completely disconcerting, and revealing. Yet we have Barack Obama who now gets big time payday for talking about how he ruined this country, along with hanging out with David Geffen and entertainment elites on a 500-foot yacht.

Silly me, I thought…….


The mask comes OFF: Look who Obama’s hanging out with NOW – Allen B. West –

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