Allen West: The question that the American people must answer, November 8th

Could this great Constitutional Republic be just days away from doom?

As Written By Allen B. West:

Everyone is talking about the recent revelations about the Hillary Clinton email travails, and that FBI Director Comey has reopened the investigation. What’s very comical to me is the overblown arrogance of one Hillary Clinton to challenge the FBI to disclose what these emails are all about. It’s as if Mrs. Clinton, who set up her own unsecure private email server and transmitted classified information, deems herself an aggrieved person — you can expect her to play the victim, while she’s standing there with the smoking gun.

Hillary Clinton reminds me of the Peanuts cartoon character “Pigpen” – there’s always a dirt cloud that follows her no matter where she goes, and we the people are supposed to just stand there and cough incessantly while we’re caught up in her filth. Enough already!

We’ve brought you the troubles surrounding Huma Abedin, who also has a very big dirt cloud around her. It was Bill Clinton who married Abedin and Anthony Weiner. The Clintons know Ms. Abedin’s background, yet she’s been given incredible access to the national security secrets of the United States.

And this whole argument about “intent” — hmm, if you set up your own private email server, unauthorized, and used it for the transmission of classified information, already proven, that is guilt, and clearly “extremely careless” in handling classified information. That’s all that matters, and in the case of any other American, this would be damning — but not for the Clintons…the real life Pigpens.

Here’s what has to happen. The access to classified information for Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and probably Cheryl Mills need be cut off. They must not be allowed to have any access to classified briefings and information — in other words, just like with any Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine, Mrs. Clinton’s security clearance needs to be revoked — now!

There’s plenty of evidence supporting that consequence to her actions. And regardless of the results of the presidential election, until this investigation is resolved, her access and clearance should not be reinstated.

Do any of us believe that will happen? Of course it won’t, because the progressive socialists of the Democrat Party are all covered by the Pigpen-esque dirt cloud.

For instance, there’s no way President Barack Obama can continue with the lie that he never knew anything about Mrs. Clinton’s email server until the news said something. This means Obama NEVER had an email that came to him or was sent in exchange with his former secretary of state? And if so, did he not realize it is didn’t have a .gov address? Well we already know, thanks to Wikileaks disclosures, that Ms. Abedin admitted to Obama having a pseudonym on email exchanges. Was this how Obama sought to have plausible deniability?

I don’t give a doggone that this is happening 11 days before the presidential election, and that’s not some excuse for the leftist progressives to taunt. I find it amazing that justice for the left and ethics are deemed situational, and certainly not applicable when it comes to them. No one told Hillary Clinton to do this, to live in a cloud of dirt. However, obviously she’s truly angered by the fact that she is being held to a standard — a completely new phenomenon for this crew.

The question that the American people must answer, in 11 days, do we want our entire nation to be under the dirt cloud of Hillary “Pigpen” Clinton? If we allow her to ascend to the highest office in the land, her arrogance and disdain for the rule of law will only increase. And you must ask, what type of scandals will exist for which she will demand the supposedly objective Department of Justice to never uncover?

It will be the institutionalization of criminal behavior, and think about the type of people who will occupy her cabinet, her closest advisors, some having been granted immunity from criminal allegations…is that what we want, or need for our nation?

FBI Director Comey has certainly been under fire for taking a political stance previously when the evidence was overwhelmingly convincing. It would seem he now realizes his duty and responsibility is to investigate and seek out justice, not subjectively, but …

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I have a new nickname for Hillary… – Allen B. West –

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