Allen West: The Real Concerns for the Health of America 

The real focus in the dwindling days before our presidential election should be on the policies that make America healthier. What are the policies that will inoculate our nation against sickness and viruses that advocate for the welfare nanny-state? What policies will strengthen our spine and give this country a resolute backbone without bowing, acquiescing and surrendering to the enemies of this state?

As Written By Allen B. West for Townhall:

The current frenzied media focus is centered on concerns over Hillary Clinton’s health issues. Needless to say, there is cause for concern with the video of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visibly stumbling and seemingly collapsing right before entering a transport van this past Sunday. Many friends and associates sent me the video footage, asking my assessment. Combine all that with her insidious comments about half of Trump supporters being in a basket of “deplorables” does not set course for a good week for the former Secretary of State.

However, this news about Mrs. Clinton’s health may run for a 72-96 hour news cycle. Trust me, there are those in the liberal progressive media who will be enlisted to spin this story, citing pneumonia. But there is a greater health issue that should be front and center focus for us all: the health of America.

There is a critical decision point looming for Janet Yellen and the U.S. Federal Reserve over whether to raise interest rates. Going into this year, the Fed hinted at four quarterly interest rate increases of just .25%. Many felt this was a reasonable measure because we cannot continue down the path of “quantitative easing,” the Federal Reserve’s policy of manipulated low interest rates, excessive printing of money, and the monetizing of our massive debt. Our own Federal Reserve is the largest holder of our nearly $19.5 trillion debt.

This has occurred due to the failure of the overall fiscal policy of the last seven and a half years under the Obama administration. If our economy was strong, a small increase of our bank loan interest rates would be acceptable. Obviously, we are just not at that determining point where our economy is healthy enough.

Our tax policies are not focused on building a thriving and healthy U.S. economy. They are rooted in ideological envy and punishment of those in positions to grow our economic engine. We have the highest corporate/business tax rate in the world, forcing our businesses elsewhere. And now, we even have American businesses overseas under attack by the European Union, as is the case with Apple. Trillions of dollars could be reinvested as a booster shot for this unhealthy economy, but some still hold onto a progressive socialist vision of taxation.

Our GDP growth is anemic and we should be greatly concerned that the most recent quarter report was downgraded to 1.1%. President Barack Obama may become the first U.S. president to fail to reach a 3% GDP growth, which is indicative of an unhealthy economy. We are struggling through the worse economic recovery since World War II. Our unemployment rate is not below 5%. That is statistically ….

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The Real Health Concerns for America – Allen West


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