Allen West: There should be only ONE response to the Orlando attack

I’m tired of an Islamist-sympathizing president who just cannot bring himself to utter the words or realize the issue. It doesn’t bother me one bit to be referred to in denigrating and disparaging terms from the leftist “coexist” crowd and their Islamo-fascist comrades.

West addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington

As Written By Allen B. West:

I awoke this morning to learn about the horrific mass shooting in Orlando. I want to first and foremost express my sincere condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones and those wounded and scarred for life.

Let me be very clear: I could care less about the nature of the establishment attacked; they are Americans. And as I sit here penning this missive, President Barack Obama has just completed his remarks, and to say they were disappointing would be the most positive thing I could say. We know this was an Islamic terror attack. We know this is the worst mass shooting of Americans in our history — and the number of fifty dead could rise. We know Omar Mateen shouted out Allahu Ahbar and pledged his allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

And President Obama’s own FBI has said this was a terrorism investigation. Yet, Obama could only direct his most stringent comments at gun control and for us to “not give into fear and turn against each other.” If anything, we need to turn against Islamic jihadism. However, as he did with San Bernardino, Obama will make this more about gun control. And I’m quite sure Hillary Clinton will blame the gun manufacturers and stores, and seek more fines and regulations against them.

In this world of the reality of our enemy, the worst thing that could have happened for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton just did — an Islamic terror attack on our soil. Perhaps Obama shouldn’t spend so much time “slow jamming” with Jimmy Fallon. And spare me the “he’s killed more terrorists” line with drone usage – that’s not a panacea folks. A drone cannot crush an enemy and its ideology who replaces the ones and twos like the cockroaches they are. Funny, just last week we shared stories about honor killings in Pakistan and the savage butchering of a Christian woman in Nigeria. Little did I know that within the week we would suffer such an atrocity in America.

And why do we hear people struggling with the question of “motive?” Let me clarify something, why does a 29-year-old Muslim man drive from Ft. Pierce, Florida to Orlando, about 120 miles, with weapons to shoot up a club? It’s obviously not because he’d been refused entry. The motive is clear and the time must come to accept the violence and reality of Islamic jihadism, plain and simple.

Something that those of us who understand the culture of Islam and Islamism must share with you all – we’ve entered into the period known as Ramadan. Any Islamic jihadist who kills infidels and dies doing so during this period, is awarded with what is called “shaheed.” It is an elevated status of Islamic jihadism. That’s the reason why you see an increase of attacks during this period — and don’t forget what just happened in Tel Aviv. We now know ISIS has “officially” claimed responsibility for this attack. This is war and there is only one response: the skies must be dominated by our aircraft to pummel ISIS. That’s the only response, not as Obama did with San Bernardino, calling for more gun control. You see, we fight to live, they fight to die. And this is not about someone having a card saying “Member of ISIS since 2013.” There’s a reason why the ISIS magazine is called “Inspire.”

Let’s be honest about something. Just close your eyes and imagine…what if the assailant in Orlando were a white Christian male? Yes, I think you get my point. The progressive socialist left now finds itself in a real conundrum, set upon the horns of a dilemma.

They’ve been spending all their time of late harping on bathroom usage for transgender people — and attacking Christians, states and businesses for not being subservient based on religious beliefs and principles. Now, what are Obama and Clinton (as the presumptive nominee), going to do, since one of their beloved special interest lobby groups has been targeted – (and not just in Orlando; don’t forget the arrest in Los Angeles). Will this community now see ……

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There should be only ONE response to the Orlando attack… – Allen B. West –

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