Allen West: These 2 American women were MURDERED, Only One Received Memorial Coverage, Why?

Why is it that when someone is murdered in a high profile event, some receive coverage and others don’t? That is the key question that will be addressed in this article. Why is the mainstream media so quick to take up one cause and so disdainful of another? These two murders of women took place on the East and West coasts, one in Charlottesville and the other in San Francisco. What was the difference in coverage and why?

As Written By Allen B. West:

Greetings from Jackson, Mississippi. I’m here doing several media interviews and to speak at the Roaring Lambs of Jackson monthly luncheon today. Yesterday I had a short break between media and was in my hotel room and caught some of the memorial service for 32-year-old Heather Heyer, who was tragically killed by a white supremacist. There is no explanation for her death, and sadly her life was cut short by the embodiment of hate. There has been much attention given to Heather’s death, as well there should be. She was an innocent young woman who was doing what she felt compelled to do making a stand, and she paid the price for it with her life.

We can understand when troops lose their lives in combat standing up for principles and values they’ve sworn to defend. It’s very hard to accept the death of someone like Heather Heyer, and there are many complicit hands beyond the dark evil behind the wheel of the car.

But, as I watched the coverage of Ms. Heyer’s memorial I pondered the tragic death of another young American woman, Kate Steinle. For whatever reason — and I know why — there was not the same amount of coverage or national sympathy that went out for Kate Steinle.

As a matter of fact, I recall then-Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, being asked about Ms. Steinle’s death before a Congressional hearing…his response was “who?”

And perhaps, as I am writing this, there are those of you who shamefully shifted over to a Google search on Kate Steinle. Let me remind you, she was a young American woman out for a walk with her dad in San Francisco who was gunned down by a criminal illegal alien. Kate Steinle died in her dad’s arms, her life tragically taken away as she was enjoying a peaceful time with her family. There was no cause or protest surrounding her fateful murder. She fell victim not just to the bullet that caused her death, but a policy, and ideological agenda that enabled her death.

If there’s one thing I despise, it’s hypocrisy. And I ask the rhetorical question, why was Kate Steinle’s murder and her memorial service not covered as a national tragedy? We know why. Because for the progressive socialist left, their ideological agenda is more important than anything…to include the death of a young American woman.

Go back and see the testimony of this family who did the unthinkable, they spoke out against the policy of sanctuary cities. In the aftermath of Heather Heyer’s death we have the well-deserved condemnation of white supremacist, neo-Nazi, and KKK groups. We have this renewed vigor to destroy historical statues and memorials of those who served in the Confederacy during the American Civil War. Heck, I bet some folks can’t even tell you who won the Battle of Fredericksburg.

However, in the aftermath of Kate Steinle’s sad and preventable murder, where was the national outrage to end the policy of sanctuary cities and states? Imagine the feeling of betrayal and disregard when the Steinle family saw the San Francisco city council and the state of California renew their pledge to be a sanctuary city. And this is happening all over the United States. Americans are being killed by criminal illegal aliens, but no one is covering their memorial services nationally, and the number of sanctuary cities is growing.

How can the progressive socialist left be so very blind to the fact that we see their hypocrisy? We see that if someone loses their life in promoting their cause they are celebrated. We have a very present danger with Americans losing their lives due to the issue of criminal illegal aliens, yet, we hear nothing of them because their deaths don’t support the left’s ideological agenda. This is utterly deplorable and despicable. Who are these people who not only cherry pick what they deem acceptable history, but also those deaths deemed relevant and acceptable?

How many of our law enforcement officers were gunned down due to the violence inspired by liberal progressives by groups such as Black Lives Matter. Yet, the left continues to embrace and support a group like BLM. I suppose the death of our law enforcement officers means little when it comes to the left’s agenda. And if you disagree, then kindly explain to me why New York City Mayor …..


These two American women were MURDERED, but only one got a nationally televised memorial. Why? – Allen B. West –

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