Allen West: These Republicans’ recent actions are JAW-DROPPING!

In the Great State of Texas, you would not expect Republicans to be sounding this way. You would also expect that they would have a better grasp of true history, not the lies that have been fostered upon us by government education. Texas Speaker of the House, Joe Straus, is sounding just like the Democrats, the social justice warriors, and the snowflakes from the alt-left. Former Congressman Allen West takes him to the woodshed over his proposal. What do you think?

As Written By Allen B. West:

We know what to expect from the progressive, socialist left that now controls the Democrat party. The question now becomes, who owns the Republican party?

I mean, consider the recent story we shared about Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, a co-sponsor of legislation to maintain the Obama transgender (gender dysphoria) policy in our military. We have GOP Governors and senators who want to maintain the Obamacare expansion of Medicaid. GOP lawmakers — including the President — are embracing the language of the left by speaking of “middle class tax cuts.”

It was very disturbing to hear President Trump say the words, “the rich are not his priority.” Mr. President, that’s the ideology of liberal, progressive socialists. AllAmericans are your priority.

Even with Washington, D.C., supposedly controlled by the GOP, we have deep-state Obama holdovers replete throughout the Trump administration. I’m still perplexed that a corrupt liar such as John Koskinen is still the director of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

But what’s utterly perplexing is that here, in Texas, what many consider the gold standard of a “red state,” we have Republicans that seem comfortable with the culture of the progressive, socialist left.

As reported by the ArkLaTex homepage,

“Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus is using his position on the State Preservation Board to get the Children of the Confederacy Creed plaque removed from the first floor of the Texas State Capitol.

In a letter addressed to Gov. Greg Abbott dated Sept. 19, Straus writes, “Confederate monuments and plaques are understandably important to many Texans. But it is important that the historical information displayed on the Capitol grounds is accurate and appropriate.”

Straus says the Children of the Confederacy Creed plaque, which was created in 1959, isn’t accurate because it states the Civil War was not an act of rebellion and was not primarily about slavery. Straus writes, “Texans are not well-served by incorrect information.”

Straus is asking the other members on the board to direct staff to identify the necessary steps to remove the plaque. He also states the other symbols on the Capitol grounds should be reviewed and some of the descriptions may need to be updated.”

Speaker Straus, sir, first let me correct you on something: the Civil War wasn’t initially fought over the issue of slavery. As a matter of fact, President Lincoln didn’t want to make slavery an issue, much to the chagrin of the Republicans and abolitionists.

See, sir, the Republican party was created in 1854 on a single issue — the abolishment of the institution of slavery in America. However, in the case of the Civil War, Lincoln didn’t want to persuade key border states such as Kentucky and Maryland to side with the South … both were slave holding states. The issue of slavery didn’t come to the forefront until the aftermath of the Battle of Antietam, the bloodiest day in US military history.

Up to the point, the North had not had a major victory against the South … actually, Antietam was a draw. But Lincoln saw it as an opportunity — that opportunity was to use slavery as a moral issue against the South.

Even still, that was because the South was receiving great support from the European nations, such as England and France, who both dealt directly with southern states in the cotton industry. As well, those European nations saw an opportunity to split America and make it less powerful, and thereby restore their influence.

The Civil War began, as many wars do, as an economic conflagration between an industrial North and an agrarian South. The latter saw the stationing of Union troops as an invasion force, and the Union’s Fort Sumter stood at the entrance to Charleston South Carolina harbor — a major sea port of commerce.

See, Speaker Straus, what I just explained to you is the reason why a plaque such as the one in the Texas state capitol exists … to make us learn and remember history. It’s not there because you like or dislike it. Perhaps it would be beneficial to have students come, visit the plaque, and maybe hear an intellectual debate on the plaque.

But no, you sir, you’ve taken the side of the leftists and believe, in a state of pure delusion, that your position on some committee gives you leverage to impose your stupidity. I’ve just experienced the same level of idiocy here in Dallas with our tyrannical and inept city council, which just had the statue of General Robert E. Lee removed. And now you, sir, seek to do what the Taliban or ISIS is doing, destroying or removing history because you don’t want anyone to learn it — or possibly because you’re ignorant yourself?

Speaker Straus, you represent the San Antonio area, right? Would you mind telling us how many Planned Parenthood clinics or associated facilities there are in San Antonio? I mean, if you’re upset or disturbed about the history of the Confederacy, then join me in being upset about the history of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.

Sanger is responsible for far more deaths of blacks than slavery. Sanger was a white supremacist, a racist, and one who addressed Ku Klux Klan rallies. Mr. Speaker, I know that the president of Planned Parenthood is Cecile Richards, daughter of former Texas Governor, Ann Richards. I find this more disturbing than a plaque dedicated by the Children of Confederate Veterans in 1959. That plaque is not responsible for the over 10 million murders of unborn black children since 1973. So, I’m asking you a simple question, Speaker Straus: ………


These Republicans’ recent actions are JAW-DROPPING – Allen B. West –

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