Allen West: This could be the Trump administration’s BIGGEST challenge

As Written By Allen B. West:

There are three pillars to security: economic, energy, and national. When I speak about these three pillars I explain the reason why energy is in the middle, because it’s a critical linchpin for the other two.

The fact that we’ve had eight years of an unconscionable energy policy that sought to destroy our oil, gas, and coal industries is unfathomable that the Obama administration could not comprehend the importance of our energy security.

We should be producing, consuming, and exporting the energy resources we are so blessed with here in America, realizing how it will boost our economy, getting Americans back to work, and be a key national security issue preventing adversary nations from strangling our allies. There’s a reason why Europe does not protest greatly with Russian advances – it’s because of natural gas pipelines.

But consider what happens in Iraq, after Mosul does fall, knowing that Iraq is clearly now a client state of Iran?

As reported by, “The battle to retake Mosul from ISIS is being fought by a conglomerate of forces: Iraqi security forces, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, Sunni Arab tribesmen and Shi’a militiamen. American special forces, as well, are serving alongside Iraqi soldiers in what is described as an advisory role.

Among those diverse fighters, we need to be paying more attention to the Shi’a “militiamen” who are guided and joined by soldiers from Iran. It is important to watch Iran’s growing influence in military events in northern Iraq. Among other issues, this Iranian influence in Iraq has the potential to destabilize global oil policy and the global oil market.

Iraq is currently the second largest oil producer in OPEC. The latest OPEC data puts Iraqi production at 4.45 million bpd, second only to Saudi Arabia’s 10.49 million bpd. Iran’s production is somewhere around 3.65 million bpd. OPEC data on total proven oil reserves lists Iraq as controlling the fourth-largest reserves in OPEC.

The combined power of Iran and Iraq’s oil industries could nearly rival Saudi Arabia’s in production capacity and total resources. Iraq’s oil fields are clustered in the south around the city of Basra, and in various northern areas. These are exactly the regions where Iran has been expanding its military and economic influence.

In southern Iraq, a traditionally majority Shi’a area, Iran’s influence has grown steadily. Since 2003, Iranian militiamen have been traversing the border, insinuating themselves into Iraqi forces. According to a Washington Institute report, Iran has been gaining a steady economic foothold – in addition to military influence – in southern Iraq, particularly in the key oil producing city of Basra.”

As Barack Obama traipses through Europe patting himself on the back and chiming that the Iranian nuclear agreement is working, Iran is advancing itself in the key strategic area of energy security. And what we must come to recognize is that with the growing alliance between Russia and Iran, we could be looking at a global monopoly of oil and gas resources.

And you want to know why China is cozying up to these two nations, and inserting themselves into the Middle East as well? Sadly, the Obama administration has been playing a really bad game of checkers, while others are kicking his tail all over the chess board. And trust me, Russia, Iran, and China are more than happy to have Obama crushing our own energy resources all for his ideological bent on “green energy.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, climate change is the number one threat to the world, and air conditioning is more of a threat than ISIS. It’s this kind of deranged prioritization that is allowing Russia and Iran’s advance.

And it’s why Obama’s decision to completely withdraw all U.S. forces from Iraq didn’t just give us ISIS…it has also created an opportunity for Iran.

There’s rumor that some GOP Senators will block incoming President Trump from doing anything regarding the Iranian nuclear agreement, which is nothing but an executive action, little more than a piece of paper

Remember it was the folly of one Senator Corker from Tennessee who didn’t handle this as a treaty, and in the end it wasn’t even brought to the Senate floor for a vote, because Senate Democrats blocked it by filibuster — you know, Mitch McConnell restored the 60-vote threshold that Harry Reid had changed, as majority leader, to a simple majority. Sadly, the GOP leadership fails to understand this is a brass knuckles fight, not some gentlemanly encounter when dealing with the progressive socialist left.

So what must happen going forward? First, we need to restore our energy program, and I mean our oil, gas, and coal industries and seek to crush the developing axis of Russia and Iran. The new discovery of oil in Midland TX at Wolfcamp is the largest ever and will yield over a million barrels a day. It will put our nation on a path to self-sustainability, and combined with Trump’s calls for opening federal land to drilling and the Keystone pipeline, will also give us more leverage with OPEC and the Saudis.

We must undermine them and ensure that allies can come to us for energy resourcing. Then we must restore the sanctions Iran and bring them back to their knees, stupidly so Obama enriched them with billions of dollars.

Lastly, we must reassert out leadership in the Middle East and shrink Tehran’s sphere of influence. None of this is going to be easy, since Obama has placed America in a very tenuous position behind a really big eight ball. However, with a solid National Security team that is experienced, focused, principled, and trusted it can be done.

The alternative is unacceptable. This all reminds me of the quote by Sir Winston Churchill in response to Neville Chamberlain’s return from the 1938 Munich Accords, “You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour, and you will have war.”

When it comes to foreign policy, there can be no rebuttal; the Obama administration has dishonored the United States of America. We ….

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This could be the Trump administration’s BIGGEST challenge… – Allen B. West –

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