Allen West: THIS is what a vote against Trump will enable, folks

Now, if we were more focused on policy and not sex scandals because of a biased and corrupt media, perhaps we could have this type of discussion.

As Written By Allen B. West:

It was supposed to be Barack Obama’s signature domestic policy accomplishment, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Funny, Obama and his progressive socialist acolytes had no issue referring to this law as Obamacare when they thought it was okey dokey. However, when the obvious became really apparent, its abject failure, it was all of a sudden “racist” to refer to the PPACA as Obamacare. And consider this, if Obamacare was his signature domestic policy, and the Iranian nuclear agreement was Obama’s signature foreign policy — doggone, what a disaster and tragedy of Homeric proportions. And it seems more Democrats are realizing exactly that Obamacare is road kill.

As reported by PoliticoMinnesota’s Democratic governor on Wednesday said Obamacare is “no longer affordable to increasing numbers of people” — the latest sign of Democrats’ growing concern about the law’s rising insurance costs. 

Gov. Mark Dayton’s criticism comes as his state faces massive rate hikes and shrinking competition in its Obamacare insurance marketplace next year. Dayton’s comments also come almost a week after Donald Trump and Republicans seized on former president Bill Clinton’s remarks lamenting Obamacare’s affordability problems. 

Dayton told reporters the law has “many good features to it” but needs help from Congress to make coverage more affordable, according to a transcript provided by his office. However, he said the law, which covers 20 million people, has “some serious blemishes and serious deficiencies.”

Premiums for individual plans in Minnesota will increase on average by 50 percent to 67 percent next year. Several insurers have pulled out of the state’s Obamacare marketplace since opening three years ago, when Minnesota boasted some of the lowest premiums in the country. 

Minnesota officials said the large rate hikes were the result of high prescription drug costs and sicker-than- expected customers, among other factors. The rate hikes don’t account for any monthly subsidies that low- and middle-income Obamacare customers may receive. About 250,000 Minnesotans, or 5 percent of the state’s population, buy their own health insurance in the individual market.

And who is to blame for the failure of Obamacare? “The governor wants to make it clear that the Republicans in Congress are to blame for their unwillingness to make improvements necessary to make the Affordable Care Act more successful,” Dayton spokesman Sam Fettig said in an email to POLITICO. Hillary Clinton has proposed making Obamacare more affordable through additional subsidies and other policies. Trump has vowed to repeal the law [and replace it with free market solutions].

As Doc Holliday would say in the movie “Tombstone,” aint that a daisy! So get this, Democrats pass a healthcare law all by themselves, they take no Republican amendments — and yet the Republicans are to blame? It was former Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who stated in one of her most delusional moments ever: “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it.”

Anyone with common sense would’ve told you this behemoth government intrusion into the private sector of American healthcare would be a failure. When you flood sicker people into a market and rely upon healthier and younger people to subsume the cost, well, it doesn’t work. When you promise the private sector health insurance companies a taxpayer-funded bailout in what was termed the “risk corridors,” and they don’t get it because you have stressed their system, then they “bail out” on you!

Obamacare’s health cooperatives have failed; Dr. Devon Herrick of the National Center for Policy Analysis predicted as much. Let’s be honest, Obamacare is nothing more than a federal expansion of Medicaid, and a rather expensive one at that. As well, Obamacare is just a large wealth redistribution scheme involving 20 new taxes, such as the absurd tanning tax and the insidious medial device tax — not to mention increases in capital gains and dividends taxes.

Hillary Clinton says we can tweak this failure — not possible. And what she fails to inform people of is that starting in 2017, some 159 new government agencies and bureaucracies will kick in. And that’s why Obama in enraged and “insulted” about his legacy, as he planned this monstrosity to go fully nuclear after he departed office. This thing will collapse under its own weight — actually, already is. And what the progressive socialists will resort to is a demand for a single-payer system for healthcare in America, complete government takeover. After all, it’s the fault of the health insurance companies and the Republicans. Hillary Clinton’s resolution for Obamacare will be to expand it into a single-payer system — mark my words, if we’re nutty enough to elect this corrupt liar as president.

What should’ve been done, simple: establish risk pool insurance policies for those Americans with preexisting conditions, as they must be covered. As well, expand the use of health savings accounts and promote health insurance being used for major and catastrophic health care concerns. Instead of subsidies, use targeted health insurance tax credits for families in the category of the working poor. And instead of wedding health insurance to employment, advocate for insurance portability; instead of folks losing their plans when leaving a job, allow them to keep their plan…Oops, I seem to remember Barack Obama saying if you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor, as well as your health insurance. That was the Politifact lie of the year 2013, you know, after his reelection when he would have more flexibility.

Yes, opening up insurance purchasing across state lines would break down the mini-monopolies that state insurance commissioners have allowed to be established. Anyone can tell you competition drives down cost — but Obamacare has forced many health insurance companies out of some areas, leaving one, or few. We should be allowing more small businesses to pool together and purchase health insurance like a larger corporation in order to drive down cost.

Now, if we were more focused on policy and not sex scandals because of a biased and corrupt media, perhaps we could have this type of healthcare policy discussion. Gov. Dayton of Minnesota has just evidenced his incompetence and lack of integrity in dealing with this situation. Obamacare will leave states in fiscal peril as Medicaid expands and private health insurance companies bail.

And for Gov. Dayton to blame Republicans is the height of hypocrisy. These leftist progressives wanted no GOP support back in 2009 and 2010 and unconstitutionally passed the unAffordable Care Act, because all revenue-generating legislation must originate in the House of Representatives, that’s in our rule of law termed the origination clause. Sen. Harry Reid and his henchmen originated the PPACA in the US Senate — in violation of the Constitution.

Supreme Court Justice Roberts got it wrong with the first ruling on Obamacare, because the individual mandate is not consistent with the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. The federal government does not possess the enumerated power to regulate commerce with the individual citizen. In other words, the federal government cannot demand, force, coerce or intimidate, under penalty of taxation, the individual American citizen to purchase a specific private sector commodity — in this case, health insurance. Sadly, in his deciding vote, Justice Roberts granted the federal government an unconstitutional power of taxation for behavior modification.

You want to know why folks are fuming with the Republican party? Because they could not make the simple assertions just laid out here. And Donald Trump, instead of tweeting about irrelevant personal issues, has never taken the time to grasp these policy solutions. We know Barack Obama and


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THIS is what a vote against Trump will enable, folks… – Allen B. West –

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