Allen West: This is Why Open Border Policies Are Dangerous Everywhere! [Video]

LTCOL Allen West, Executive Director of the National Center for Policy Analysis joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business to discuss anti-terror raids in Germany and open border policies.

When your enemy is telling you exactly what they want to do you should pay attention to them, you should listen. But instead we have Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton wanting to bring these refugees in by the thousands and the don’t have the right processes and procedures in place as was evident by the murder of innocent people by Tashfeen Malik in San Bernardino. We have to be more vigilant. It only takes that one opportunity for them to take advantage of us.

West also said that Angela Merkel should not be awarded by being Time’s person of the year but she should be getting the “Stuck on Stupid Award”

Watch the entire discussion below.


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