Allen West “This is why people are angry!!”

Allen West “This is why people are angry!!”

The Republican party made the case that if they had control of Congress, they’d set this country back on track to being a constitutional republic. However, their continued displays of acquiescence and abject surrender to President Obama and the liberal progressives of the Democrat party reached a zenith with this week’s Omnibus spending bill.


As Written By Allen B. West:

The Democrats came out and mocked the Republicans, stating that they couldn’t have done better if they were in control — and even exceeded their desires. They actually congratulated the Republicans. Unbelievable.

The Republicans continue to say, we will stop this, but never do. They say, we will make this stand, but give up before the confrontation even begins. And please, do not lecture me about “compromise,” where was that when the Democrats held Congress in Obama’s first two years? I completely understand governing, but it has to be based upon principles.

Compromising just to appease the D.C. political class and the complicit, characterless liberal progressive media doesn’t garner respect. And that’s where the Republicans find themselves, disrespected. What we saw Friday was the arrogance of Barack Obama, standing in defiance and recognizing the results of the 2014 midterm elections mean nothing. He still gets his way. Even Bill Clinton pivoted after his 1994 midterm election crash, and a principled GOP majority gave us a balanced budget, a budget surplus and welfare reform. The GOP this week added to the deficit. And being afraid of a “government shutdown,” the last one resulted in only 17% of the federal government deemed non-essential. Guess what 17% of the federal government is not needed.

But the GOP’s Pavlovian response when the words “government shutdown” are uttered has resulted in a failed lame duck president acting as an American version of Il Duce, Benito Mussolini.

As reported by Fox News:

President Obama doubled down Friday on his push to shutter the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, calling it a magnet for “jihadi recruitment” and vowing to present his closure plan to Congress — while keeping his cards close to the vest on whether he’d try to use executive action to finish the job……….



And I’m very familiar with the GOP establishment and what they’ll do to someone who threatens them. I know how many fundraisers I attended on behalf of my colleagues. I know how much money I raised for candidates who are now members of Congress, and I’m disappointed with those supported by the Guardian Fund who voted for this Omnibus bill. However, I won’t be discouraged because my oath is to the Constitution and the American people. Therefore, I’ll fight harder and recommit myself even stronger.


I am a constitutional conservative, a classical liberal, but the political party to which I belong embarrassed themselves this week. Will I leave the GOP? Nope, I’ll get this fixed, regardless of these behind-the-scenes folks with money who feel they are in control — message to y’all, you ain’t!

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