Allen West: This Should NOT Have Happened

Barack Hussein Obama told us combat operations in Afghanistan were over, so why are Americans still dying? And we have such restrictive rules of engagement on our military, how can it be that they’re being killed in areas deemed secure?

As Written By Allen B. West:

I ask these questions because of a report from the Boston Globe, saying “An Afghan soldier opened fire on a group of Americans at a military depot near Kabul on Wednesday, killing two and wounding another three in the latest outbreak of insider violence, US and Afghan officials said.

A statement from the US military in Afghanistan said one of the people killed had been a service member and the other a civilian. “One US service member and two US civilians also sustained wounds and are currently stable,” the statement said. General Dawlat Waziri, a spokesman for the Afghan defense ministry, said the Afghan soldier opened fire on a team of coalition forces around 11 a.m. at one of the Afghan army’s largest ammunition and food depots, southwest of Kabul. US officials said the attacker was killed. Internal attacks caused enormous strain between Americans and Afghans at its peak in 2012, when 44 such attacks caused about 15 percent of the total coalition deaths that year.”

I have a simple inquiry: how was it that this individual dressed in an Afghan Army uniform was able to have live ammunition and fire upon our Americans? Why haven’t we instituted ROE that preclude Americans from being in certain areas with Afghan troops who have live ammunition? Or why haven’t we instituted certain policies that preclude Afghan troops having chambered rounds in certain areas? What would be the problem with having weapons cleared, certainly in rear areas such as this ammunition and food depot?

The weapon bolt should have been locked to the rear and the magazine in carrying pouch, not inserted into the weapon magazine well. That should be a standard operating procedure on any garrison-type environment where Americans and Afghan soldiers are intermingled.

I understand if these forces are out on combat operations, and in that case, there has to be 360-degree security for our troops. If we have American troops at a firing range with Afghan troops, they need to have adequate stand off range.

This should not be happening. My condolences to the families of those who needlessly lost their lives. And shame on our leadership for not implementing the procedures to ensure not a single American loses his or …

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