Allen West “This video is why America will CRUSH ISIS!”

Yes, the title of Soldier is one I will ALWAYS cherish. And I do enjoy those deranged despicable chuckleheads who seek to disparage my twenty-two years of service. What matters most is that I earned a descriptor that can NEVER be taken away — American Soldier. ~ LTC (Retired) Allen B. West



I remember entering the Army with the venerable advertising slogan, “be all that you can be” — that was an awesome theme. Then it was dumped for what I thought was the most horrific of marketing themes EVER: “Army of One.” Y’all remember the commercial showing the Soldier with no helmet, no camp blouse top, no weapon, and he was running in the opposite direction of the troops, tanks, attack helicopters? When we were asked our interpretation, I remember a Command Sergeant Major saying, “that boy is a deserter.” But for some, I guess that could mean he was serving with “honor and distinction.”

Army of One didn’t last long. Then came “Army Strong,” which I kinda liked. The tagline was, “There is strong and then there is Army Strong.” Kinda neat, and the music was much better.

Well, now there’s a new theme and marketing strategy, and I must admit, based on this initial 60-second commercial, I like it.


This video shows why America will crush ISIS – Allen B. West –


Allen West “This video is why America will CRUSH ISIS!”

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