Allen West “This We will Defend.” PERIOD!

Written by Allen West on June 14, 2014

Today, Saturday 14 June, 2014 is one of those special days for American patriots and Soldiers. It is a day intertwined in the uniqueness representative of the greatness and exceptionalism of America. Today is Flag Day — and also the 239th birthday of our United States Army.

The Army was established on this day in 1775 and its motto is simple: “This We’ll Defend.” Our Soldiers do not take an oath to an individual, they take an oath to our Constitution. The Army has a long and distinguished history in service to our nation. From our start in the Revolutionary War to today in Afghanistan, men and women have passed on an impeccable legacy of service, sacrifice, and commitment. They have stood on freedom’s rampart to provide the promise of liberty, freedom and a better future, to so many across the world. The only ground our Army has ever asked for from other nations is just enough to bury our dead.


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