Allen West: “Threading the Needle of a Global Security Debacle” 

Former Congressman Allen West takes a look at the Middle East and the Global Security debacle that was left to him by President Obama. Mr. Trump will have to do more than tweet his way to a solution there. Mr. West covers the issues that are involved with Syria and the actions of Russia and Iran in that area. ISIS will also have to be dealt with, and this will require great determination and skill. Here is how he might do it.

As Written By Allen West for Townhall:

OpEd offers key insights into successful Middle East policy.

It continues to amaze me, perhaps not, how recalcitrant the media has been in not addressing the horrific global security situation that was bequeathed from the Obama administration to the Trump administration. The misguided vehemence in which the media has pursued a windmill called Russian intervention into our election is quite telling. Early into the Obama administration back in 2009 we were utterly inundated with the line of “we inherited this mess”, ok, it continued as an excuse until the final days. However, where are all those voices rambling on about the mess that Barack Obama left as he walked out the door, to the helicopter, for another farewell gathering, before being finally whisked away? Obama had more farewell tours and events than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

But the current deplorable situation we are now facing in the world is not just a byproduct of Obama’s foreign and national security policy of obfuscation, denial, and dismissal. It goes farther back.

Last week President Trump took an action in the Middle East, it was rather simple to fire 60 TLAMs (Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles) at the airfield that was used to launch a chemical attack against innocent civilians. The grander question now becomes, what next? What is the Trump Doctrine for the Middle East? How will Mr. Trump thread a needle that many prior leaders have not exactly done well?

And that tale begins post World War I with the infamous Sykes-Picot Treaty that carved up a post-Ottoman Empire region. Instead of threading a needle, the European powers of England and France used a very broad crayon, paying little attention to the deep-seated schisms that had existed for centuries. And as we remember, just last week was the beginning of the “War to end all Wars”, we find ourselves focused in the same region that has become one of the most unstable, and dangerous.

It would be a good recommendation for Team Trump to go back and study the Sykes-Picot Treaty in order to assess the finer points, as they craft their Middle East strategy and vision. And this has to be a strategy that is not simply focused on the next election cycle, but rather the next 20-30 years, lest our children and grandchildren will look back upon our folly.

When one considers just Syria, this is not a simple case of a genocidal maniac, whose dad was as well. The plethora of players in that small country is expanding, and the situation is rather convoluted and can easily spin out of control, just as what happened some 100 years ago.

Syria is a place where state and non-state belligerent coexist, and they all have respective goals and objectives. First of all, the world cannot tolerate or allow for international norms, rules, and laws to be violated, such as the use of chemical weapons. But we must also come to grips……


“Threading the Needle of a Global Security Debacle” – Allen West

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