Allen West: Trump 1 — Kim Jong Un 0

Despite “going missing” it seems that President Donald Trump’s decision to to call Kim Jong Un, North Korean Dictator, has decided to not launch against the United States territory of Guam. In response to this threat, President Trump stated that he would bring “fire and fury” to Kim and North Korea if they did so…

As written by Allen B. West:

Recently, current deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee and Minnesota Congressman, Keith Ellison, stated that Kim Jong Un — the sociopathic leader of North Korea — was acting more responsibly that our own President. These are the types of absurd, and truly irresponsible, comments emanating from the progressive socialist left.

Senator Elizabeth Warren reminded us over the weekend that the Democrat party is owned by the progressive socialist left. I just want to say, we should therefore stop using the reference “Democrat Party,” but rather “Progressive Socialist Party of America.” Furthermore, we should commit to NEVER allowing this cabal of delusional ideologues from ever holding a position of power in our Country. And here is why:

Former Obama National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, penned a NY Times op-ed piece last week stating that the United States just needs to accept and live with a nuclear North Korea — making my point. For the first time in some 24 years, the United States stood up to North Korea. There was no compromise, appeasement, acquiescence, or negotiating. The leftist media went apoplectic over the language used by President Trump just last week. But, if they were to study history, they would have found that a couple of Democrat presidents — Truman and Clinton — used similar tones. There are times when dealing with a maniacal dictator that one must adopt the language they understand. In past, North Korea has heard the same ol’ clichéd talk, and then we would succumb to their wants by providing economic or food aid. China had been a willing and complicit player in all of this, too.

If I could use a metaphorical parallel, it would be that China is the crack house and North Korea is the pit bull guarding it. Finally, we focused on the crack house, rendering the pit bull impotent, for the moment.

There’ve been plenty of unforced errors in the Trump administration’s first 200+ days in office. No one can take away the fact that this was a foreign policy — and military — win for President Trump, as Kim Jong Un has blinked.

However, this is far from over. President Trump needs to learn a lesson from the Atlanta Falcons, my hometown team, from the last Super Bowl. The Falcons were up 28-3 going into the mid-part of the third quarter, but something happened. We had a saying in the Army that went like this: “why do you kick a man when he is down…because he is close to your foot!” The Falcons took their foot off of the gas pedal, they stopped kicking, and they ended up losing in a most embarrassing fashion. Such is the case here with China and North Korea: this is not the time for any type of celebration. If I were the National Security Advisor, my focus would be on providing President Trump with additional means by which we, well, keep kicking. It is time to take down the crack house.

China did issue a statement via their state run media — such as we are close to having here in America. Their statement sent a clear message to Kim Jong Un. They said that if North Korea took a first strike option, they would be neutral, no assistance. In other words, if the pit bull tried to bite, it would not get fed.

That alarmed Kim Jong Un to the point where he sought a means to backpeddle on his rhetoric. We can’t let China off of any hook, and must keep pressuring them until they decide it’s time to put the pit bull down. Our objective for the Korean peninsula is to pursue diplomatic and economic measures to unify that region, under a Republic of Korea flag. I don’t think there should be any rejection in expressing that intent to China. The economic pressures must be maintained.

In addition, our own economic strength must be revitalized. We need to work on one very important issue: reducing the debt owed to China, along with the trade deficit we have with the ChiComs.


Trump 1 — Kim Jong Un 0

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