Allen West: Trump just used 3 BAD words I’m DEFINITELY teaching my daughters

Say what you want about the words used by Donald Trump eleven years ago…but Hillary Clinton’s words and actions are threats to the very safety and security of our Republic.

As Written By Allen B. West:

During the Sunday presidential debate, Hillary Clinton continued to advocate for more Syrian refugees, far above the 10,000 allowed by Barack Obama (who now wishes to increase the number to over 100,000).

Among all the words for which Donald Trump is being vilified, there are three “bad” ones he used on Sunday that Hillary will never utter:radical ISLAMIC terrorism.

Further, Trump has referred to the influx of Muslims into the West as a modern-day “Trojan Horse” — and the evidence continues to mount that he is correct.

As reported by The Sun, “German police have arrested a Syrian man suspected of plotting a jihadist bomb attack, after a massive manhunt lasting almost two days.

Security had been stepped up at airports and train stations after Jaber Albakr, 22, went on the run Saturday, when police raided his apartment and found several hundred grams of “an explosive substance more dangerous than TNT.”

The 22-year-old terror suspect was caught after police found ‘several hundred grams of a dangerous explosive substance’ in his apartment on Saturday. “We’ve succeeded, really overjoyed: the terror suspect Albakr was arrested overnight in Leipzig,” police said on Twitter on Monday. Police had said that “even a small quantity” of the explosives uncovered “could have caused enormous damage”. Local media reported that the material was TATP, the homemade explosive that was used by jihadists in the Paris and Brussels attacks.”

It appears the intent was to plant explosive devices at major transportation centers such as airports and train stations. Once again we see what happens when “emotions” overtake common sense and national security. Angela Merkel is directly responsible for this and needless to say, if we’re not careful in America, we shall suffer a similar fate. The enemy clearly stated they would infiltrate the “refugees” and when you see the videos, there are far more military-aged Muslim males than any other demographic gaining entry into Germany, with further access into Europe.

We know ISIS had taken control of passport machines and was able to create fraudulent, counterfeit documents of citizenship and immigration. There was no vetting process in Germany, and we have to be concerned with the lack of such focus on our own homeland security.

The retort from the progressive socialist left is that we’re just fear mongering and creating a dark atmosphere – I’m sorry we’re not promoting a world of unicorns and rainbows with Skittles. This is a very dedicated enemy who is exploiting the Islamic principle of Al Hijra — using migration to further their objectives and goals.

And what happens? Just like Sunday night, a Muslim woman stands up and tries to blame the victims. This whole nonsense about Islamophobia has to end and we must stop cowering to those who would make us believe we’re “hurting their feelings” and “offending” them. Ok, I got it, one side is killing us but we get told it’s our fault and we’re too mean and nasty for even bringing up the issue.

The issue is about militant ISLAMIC terrorism, not this nonsense about violent extremists, a catch-all phrase the leftists love to use to assail their political enemies. Pay attention, and you’ll hear the liberal progressives more adamant about conservatives than they are about the folks who are making bombs in our respective countries.

And yes, I want Muslims to step up and provide intelligence about this, because you cannot tell me these folks are operating in complete ignorance of theUmmah (the Muslim community). And sadly, when we ARE told, as in the case of the Islamic jihadist who laid out IEDs in New York and New Jersey, where his father reported his son to the FBI, nothing was done. In San Bernardino, neighbors were concerned about the operations and movements at the home of one Syed Farouk, who later, along with his wife Tashfeen Malik, gunned down and killed 14 Americans, and wounded another 21. The stated reason why these neighbors said nothing? They didn’t want to be classified as Islamophobes and denigrated. You see, the psychological operation of the Muslim Brotherhood as promulgated by groups such as the Council for Islamic Relations (CAIR) is working.

We cannot be silent as our domestic security is threatened. I experienced thisdemented progressive socialist and Islamo-fascist censorship recently at St. Louis University. And I am constantly amazed by the response from the left which always seeks out some insidious assertion of moral equivalency with Christianity. If there’s one thing about history — even in fable — it can, and oft time does repeat itself. At least the citizens of Troy weren’t aware the Greeks were hiding inside the wooden horse.

We know exactly the history, goals, objectives, and intent of the Islamic jihadist enemy, yet we do everything to dismiss it and cast blame elsewhere — upon ourselves. As stated in the Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum, their goal is to get us to destroy ourselves by our own hand — and so far they are succeeding.

Say what you want about the words used by Donald Trump eleven years ago…but Hillary Clinton’s words and actions are threats to the very safety and security of our Republic.

I will talk to my daughters about guys using harsh language and demeaning words — you know, like those rappers Obama invites to the White House. But I will not make a decision about the safety and future of our nation based on “guy talk.” I would rather my daughters be free and never have to be …..

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Trump just used 3 BAD words I’m DEFINITELY teaching my daughters… – Allen B. West –

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