Allen West: Trump Misses a HUGE Opportunity

Now, for some folks this may not be fun and exciting, but the future of our Republic hangs in the balance, so this isn’t the time for being entertained.

As Written By Allen B. West:

One of the consequences for not staying on message is that critical issues go unnoticed. It’s a strategic imperative to own the narrative, and yes, I know the liberal progressive media is stacked against anyone who’s not a progressive socialist.

However, instead of taking their bait and going into their ambush, one must avoid the frontal assault and use other forms of maneuver — such as envelopment, infiltration, a turning movement, and penetration. If you have the media platform, make the topic and theme of your choice and put the opposition on defense.

Donald Trump was effective in doing that in his GOP nomination speech, as I assessed here. And the way you can tell, is that immediately Barack Obama came out and gave an impromptu and unscheduled press conference — as we say down South, “a hit dog will holler.”

And last week, instead of dealing with off-topic media assaults, there was a great opportunity to put a torpedo in the tug boat SS Obama, and the attached dingy Hillary Clinton.

As reported by Investors Business Daily, “Aetna (AET) on [last] Tuesday said it intended to abandon its 2017 expansion plans on the Affordable Care Act exchanges and was reviewing future participation in the marketplaces, even as the health insurance giant reported second-quarter results that beat estimates.

Just three months ago, Aetna said it planned to continue its Obamacare business next year as it mulled an expansion to a few additional states. The company’s shift makes it the latest health insurer to sour on the exchange marketplaces.

Humana (HUM), which Aetna wants to buy, has said it planned to cut its exchange offerings next year. UnitedHealth (UNH) has also announced plans to leave most of its Obamacare exchanges. Anthem (ANTM) and Cigna (CI), which are also trying to merge, have also warned on higher costs from Affordable Care Act patients.

“While we are pleased with our overall results, in light of updated 2016 projections for our individual products and the significant structural challenges facing the public exchanges, we intend to withdraw all of our 2017 public exchange expansion plans and are undertaking a complete evaluation of future participation in our current 15-state footprint,” Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini said in a statement. Aetna said it expected to lose more than $300 million on its Affordable Care Act plans offered this year.”

You don’t want to have too many missed opportunities in this critical election cycle and here was a great chance to challenge the “signature” domestic policy of Barack Obama — and a legacy item for Hillary Clinton. The premise of Obamacare is unraveling and another example are the failed healthcare co-ops –nearly all that were created have failed. Obamacare is nothing more than a wealth redistribution scheme of 20 new taxes in order to fund a massive government expansion into the healthcare industry — one-sixth of the U.S. economy.

Its fundamental principle is a large expansion of Medicaid and flooding more into the healthcare marketplace under the guise of free or reduced pricing. It’s easy for the government to compete in the private sector when a private sector entity must raise capital in order to sustain itself. All the government has to do is raise taxes — which is exactly what Obamacare did, or government can print money and monetize its own debt.

So with Obamacare, more individuals flooded into the market, many with expensive health issues, and the onus was placed on healthier (younger) Americans to pay that bill. Therefore, what happened is that in order for health insurance companies to survive this new influx of sicker patients, they had to raise premium costs on others. And you have to be stuck on stupid not to admit that’s happening what’s all across our country.

Back in 2010, when Nancy Pelosi said, “we have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it” — yeah, I know, who votes for folks who utter such an imbecilic statement? — at that time the health insurance companies were giddy knowing the Obama administration was going to make it mandatory to purchase their product — or be taxed, talk about behavior modification by taxation.

Furthermore, the health insurance companies had their fears reduced with the simple clause called the “risk corridor” — in other words a taxpayer funded bailout, and we know that dog don’t hunt. Therefore, at this moment, six years later, the health insurance companies are losing money, there will be no ….

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Trump just missed a YUUUGE opportunity… – Allen B. West –

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