Allen West: Trump’s Labor pick Andy Puzder would unleash opportunity in urban centers

President Donald Trump has selected Andy Puzder to be his pick for Labor Secretary. What better pick could there be than a businessman and CEO like Mr. Puzder? His bonafides are given in his job as CEO of the corporation that has Carl’s Jr and Hardees. He knows all the costs of a business and all the regulations that hurt business. 

As Written By Allen West for Fox News:

President Donald Trump’s inaugural address mentioned the “carnage” taking place in American inner cities. This followed his recent criticism of Georgia Rep. John Lewis’s Atlanta district as “in horrible shape and falling apart.” Though taken as a whole these comments may be exaggerations, his spotlight on the continuing plight of American urban centers is fair game.

In many ways Atlanta is booming. But the cranes that dot the city’s skyline also obscure its serious problems that Trump has shined a light on. According to the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the city’s youth unemployment rate is 40 percent, and its black unemployment rate is 19 percent. More than one in five residents live below the official poverty line.

It is unclear how much of the blame for this poverty and lack of opportunity can be laid at Congressman Lewis’s feet. In too many urban centers across the country, there are too few opportunities for young and minority jobseekers. In many ways, the situation is worse now than when I was growing up in Atlanta in the 1970s.

Poverty and lack of opportunity have led to a recent surge in violent crime. According to the Major Cities Chiefs Association, violent crime is up significantly in major cities nationwide. Atlanta’s murder rate increased by over 25 percent between mid-2016 and mid-2015, and the city is now one of the country’s top 25 murder capitals. Increased crime chases away existing business activity, further ….


Allen West: Trump’s Labor pick Andy Puzder would unleash opportunity in urban centers | Fox News

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