Allen West: Turn on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and PBS see if this is their top story 

Obama and Hillary Clinton are the epitome and pure definition of pathological liars who know the disciples of useful idiots and media acolytes will provide them constant cover.

As Written By Allen B. West:

When is a ransom payment not a ransom payment? When it involves Barack Obama and his pals. However, a new report from the Wall Street Journal seems to tell a different story — then again, what difference at this point does it make?

The Wall Street Journal writes, “New details of the $400 million U.S. payment to Iran earlier this year depict a tightly scripted exchange specifically timed to the release of several American prisoners held in Iran, based on accounts from U.S. officials and others briefed on the operation.

U.S. officials wouldn’t let Iranians take control of the money until a Swiss Air Force plane carrying three freed Americans departed from Tehran on Jan. 17, the officials said. Once that happened, an Iranian cargo plane was allowed to bring the cash back from a Geneva airport that day, according to the accounts.

President Barack Obama and other U.S. officials have said the payment didn’t amount to ransom, because the money was owed by the U.S. to Iran as part of a longstanding dispute linked to a failed arms deal from the 1970s. U.S. officials have said that the prisoner release and cash transfer took place through two separate diplomatic channels. But the handling of the payment and its connection to the release of the Americans have raised questions among lawmakers and administration critics.

The use of an Iranian cargo plane to move pallets filled with $400 million brings clarity to one of the mysteries surrounding the cash delivery to Iran first reported by The Wall Street Journal this month. Administration officials have refused to publicly disclose how and when the cash transfer authorized by Mr. Obama took place. Executives from Iran’s flagship carrier, Iran Air, organized the round-trip flight from Tehran to Geneva where the cash—euros and Swiss francs and other currencies stacked on shipping pallets—was loaded onto the aircraft, these people said.

“Our top priority was getting the Americans home,” said a U.S. official. Once the Americans were “wheels up” on the morning of Jan. 17, Iranian officials in Geneva were allowed to take custody of the $400 million in currency, according to officials briefed on the exchange.

The payment marked the first installment of a $1.7 billion settlement the Obama administration announced it had reached with Tehran in January to resolve a decades-old legal dispute traced back to the final days of Iran’s last monarch, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

His government paid $400 million into a Pentagon trust fund in 1979 for military parts that were never delivered because of the Islamic revolution that toppled him.”

So the obvious question is who made the decision that we needed to give Iran anything? Why is it that previous presidential administrations have not released funds back to Iran? The agreement was made with the Shah of Iran, who was deposed in the Islamic Revolution that brought the Ayatollah Khomeini to power.

With that being said, why did Barack Hussein Obama feel Iran, as an Islamist theocratic state, which is the number one state sponsor of terrorism, deserved these funds? And if the top priority of the Obama administration was to get our Americans home, then get them home – and don’t pay off the Iranians. It’s not about what Obama terms this exchange, it’s what the Iranians and the rest of the world see, those optics. And the optics are that the Iranians got control of the $400 million once we got control of our citizens – which is the pure and simple definition of a ransom payment.

There were obviously no separate diplomatic channel; this was a simultaneous operation, completely linked. The issue now is, so what? What’s going to happen to President Barack Obama and his cronies? I bet nothing. Heck, the liberal progressive media is already receiving their talking points from the creative writer, Deputy National Security Adviser, Ben Rhodes. If you remember, he was the same cheeky fella who crafted the “anti-Islam video” false narrative about the Islamic terror attack in Benghazi.

The problem we face in America is that these damn progressive socialists face no consequences for their nefarious, corrupt and deceitful actions. The problem is, they can act with utter impunity because they have an army of corrupt media accomplices so willing to shield them. Just tune into ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and PBS for the rest of the week and see what their top story is over the next 72 hours. And trust me, as we head into Labor Day, this story will not survive to next week Monday. That is the true shame in America.

If this were a Republican president, this story would be all over, front page of every newspaper — but once again, it will be touted as much ado about nothing…just another right-wing nut conspiracy. Funny, when it was President Ronald Reagan and the issue was Iran-Contra well, y’all get the point.

There’s only one way to punish the leftists: vote them out of elected office. Then watch the media coverage of a Republican presidential administration. This new president should look the media in the eye and condemn them for their hypocrisy. Barack Obama is off on vacay, Lousiana is under water, and now we know, the price tag on an American’s head is $100 million. And I’m quite sure the Iranians, who are allowing Russia to use their air bases for Syrian bombing operations, AND are holding two more Americans illegally as hostage, are awaiting another pay off.

The arms deal from 1979 with the Shah of Iran is not an excuse. The Obama administration is guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy and providing …….

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Turn on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and PBS see if this is their top story – Allen B. West –

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