Allen West “U.S. “Ally” SEIZES Christian churches; Here’s Obama’s response”

I’d prefer comical hypocrisy, but these stories need to be shared.


As Written By Allen B. West:

There’s one thing we do appreciate being able to present to you, our readers, and that is hypocrisy. For instance, I love it when the progressive socialist detractors make comments on this site that no one cares what’s being written here — so why are they here?

Or when those affectionate little liberal progressive cupcakes rant about the intelligence level of the readers of this site, yet they’re reading every article. Oh the joy of witnessing the hypocrisy of the left. It is comical but there are times when hypocrisy is no laughing matter — as I shall now share.

As reported by the Christian Daily, “The Turkish government has seized all its last remaining Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant Churches in accordance with the expropriation order issued last month. The expropriation, according to the government, aims to rebuild and restore the historical center of Diyarbakir, the largest city in southeastern Turkey.

The government declared the “urgent expropriation” of 6,300 plots of land in the Sur district in March. The expropriation order came from a council of ministers led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish President.

Six Diyarbakir Christian Churches are now made state property of Turkey and under state control. These Churches are the following: the Virgin Mary Syriac Orthodox Church, the Surp (Armenian for “Saint”) Sarkis Chaldean Catholic Church, the Diyarbakir Protestant Church, the Apostolic Armenian Surp Giragos Church, an Armenian Catholic church, and the Mar Petyun Chaldean Catholic Church.

Reports by the Turkish-American Daily note that concerns by the Armenian, Syriac, and Chaldean communities regarding the ruling have greatly increased. About 330 structures in the Sur neighborhood were demolished for an urban renewal program. The decision, which was based on Turkey’s Expropriation Law Article 27, was claimed to be the “last resort” in keeping and protecting the area and the Churches.

“The government didn’t take over these pieces of property in order to protect them. They did so to acquire them,” Pastor Ahmet Guvener tells the World Watch Monitor. Guvener is a pastor of the Diyarbakir Protestant Church. He considers the expropriation as the government’s way of taking over the city’s Church buildings.”

And Obama’s response to all of this? Well of course it’s…nothing. Crickets. A dial tone. Silence.

Just a bit of history… Diyarbakir was the place where some of the worst of the Ottoman Turk massacres of the Assyrians occurred in 1914-1918. And just as then, so it is today — the world turns a blind eye. We have articulated it before, and shall do so again. Recip Tayyip Erdogan is not a Turkish leader in keeping with the traditions of Kemal Ataturk; he is an Islamist. And according to President Barack Obama, a very close friend and ally.

Yes, this is the same Erdogan who wants full European Union membership, but it should be denied at every turn based on this egregious action. And for Erdogan to believe that anyone would accept his excuse of “protection” is disingenuous to say the least. It also begs the question, from what do these churches require protection?

Here is the hypocrisy. What do you think would happen if Christians went in and seized mosques? Here we are in America and folks are all up in arms about …..


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