Allen West “VA falsely declares thousands of Veterans dead, then it gets WORSE”

There is a systemic breakdown of process and procedures at the VA. And one thing is for certain, if that were to happen at Disneyland, someone would be held accountable.

Dept of Veterans Affairs

As Written By Allen B. West:

OK, is Veterans Affairs Secretary McDonald still in the position? Ya know, a simple call by President Obama from Vietnam or Japan could’ve taken care of this situation. However, as we originally pointed out, Obama embraces the same sentiment in comparing Veterans waiting for medical care to waiting for a ride at Disneyland. How utterly despicable, but yet expected from this administration.

Well, here’s something else I suppose you can find happening at the nearest amusement park — according to McDonald and Obama.

As reported by the Washington Examiner:

Department of Veterans Affairs officials wrongly declared 4,201 veterans as deceased when they were still living, and stripped them of their benefits between 2011 and 2015. 

In a letter to Rep. Dave Jolly, R-Fla., who first raised the issue with the VA last year, acting Undersecretary for Benefits Danny Pummill said the VA was unable to determine why any of the veterans were accidentally listed in the agency’s records as deceased. 

Pummill cited “employee error” and a glitch in the VA’s data program as potential roots of the problem. Last year alone, 1,025 veterans had their benefit payments cut off and subsequently reinstated by the VA after mistaken death notices. 

These numbers confirm our suspicion, that mistaken deaths by the VA have been a widespread problem impacting thousands of veterans across the country,” Jolly said. “It’s a problem that should have been addressed years ago, as it has caused needless hardships for thousands of people who had their benefits terminated and their world turned upside down.” 

Pummill noted in his letter to Jolly that the VA issued accurate death notices in 99.8 percent of all cases between 2011 and 2015.

So, if you are at Disneyland and the ride works 99.8% of the time without accidents, that is fine, right Secretary McDonald? Except for one thing, if you are in the .2% on the ride when it has a malfunction. The standard of quality care for our Veterans is 100%. And the standard of effort that should be demanded to ensure our Veterans get that 100% is 110%.

In my humble assessment, our Veterans are getting less than 50% from the management of the Veterans Administration agency. Let me be clear, there is no …..

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VA falsely declares thousands of Veterans dead, then it gets WORSE… – Allen B. West –

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