Allen West (VIDEO) Venezuela May Become Terrorist Nursery via @NewsmaxTV

by By Lisa Barron for

This raises concerns about the South American country becoming a training ground for more terrorists, says former Republican Rep. Allen West of Florida, who joined Morris for the Newsmax discussion on the violence simultaneously sweeping Venezuela and Ukraine.

“It has already happened as far as the relationship between Venezuela and Iran, and when you have these unstable situations, you will always find that radical Islamic terrorists will somehow find their way to come in and get a stronger foothold,” West said.

“And the last thing we need are Iranian Revolutionary Guards or al-Quds or Hezbollah elements that are supporting the Venezuelan government against the people there.”

West, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, agreed that also put the continent, not to mention the United States, at risk. “You’re right, Dick, this can metastasize all across Latin America, South America, Central America,” he said.

“And don’t forget we have a very, very big Venezuelan community right here in South Florida down in Broward County in western Florida. So they’re going to feel the effects of this as well,” West added.

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