Allen West: We Can’t Risk a ‘Neville Chamberlain-Obama ‘Strategic Patience” Approach to Kim Jong Un

Allen West appeared on Breitbart News radio with Curt Schilling where he gives some amazing insight on the North Korea situation.

Among his insights he compares North Korea’s Fourth of July missle launch to that of the 1930’s perspective when “dark forces” were slowly becoming the Axis powers.

As written for Breitbart by John Hayward:

West said North Korea’s Fourth of July missile launch should be viewed from the perspective of the 1930s when dark forces were gathering strength in what would become the Axis powers.

“You had someone that rose to power in Germany by the name of Adolf Hitler. People saw him developing new war machines, restoring the German military, which was something he was not supposed to do,” West recalled. “The fact that Hitler tested out some of these new war machines in the Spanish Civil War, and then all of a sudden when Hitler launched an attack to take over the Rhineland against France, there was nothing that was done.”

“We can sit back and say this is crazy, this is irrational, this will never happen, we don’t need to get involved because there will be millions of people that will end up losing their lives. Look what happened in the four years after Hitler first made that incursion into the Rhineland,” he warned. “Interestingly enough, this month, there will be a movie that comes out called ‘Dunkirk’ that shows what happened when Hitler and the German forces drove all the way through France.”

West also made note of President Trump’s visit to Poland, which had to deal with Nazi Germany’s infamous Blitzkrieg.

“I think that we cannot try to put Kim Jong-un in any type of Western civilizational-type of eyes. This is a psychopath,” he said.

West noted that Kim Jong-un’s father and grandfather conducted 16 and 15 missile tests, respectively, while the current North Korean dictator has launched 83 missiles since 2011 and 17 since President Donald Trump took office.

“This is a very serious situation. We need to take this guy at face value,” he advised.

West recommended avoiding a “Neville Chamberlain-Barack Obama strategic patience” approach to the North Korean crisis.

“It doesn’t have to be that they actually detonate an ICBM on the continental United States of America. Everyone now has come to learn about the EMP threat, electromagnetic pulse. You could take an ICBM such as that, and if it detonates at a certain altitude above a land mass, it completely shuts down that power grid over that land mass, everything in the line of sight,” West warned.

He assured listeners that the results of such an attack will not seem like a minor inconvenience should it ever occur and later noted that evidence has been discovered of Iran formulating strategies for using EMP weapons against the United States.

He talked about North Korean cooperation with Iran on nuclear weapons, noting that the Syrian nuclear facility destroyed by Israel in a 2007 raid bore a “stark resemblance” to the North Korean nuclear facility at Yongbyon.

“No one said a peep after the Israelis took that preemptive strike because they knew exactly what was there and what was going on,” said West. “We have to start thinking, do we want someone to get to a point where they have that capability? Because it’s a complete game-changer.”

For the present, he recommended increasing diplomatic and economic pressure against North Korea, perhaps all the way up to imposing a blockade against their ports. “We have got to strangle this guy into not being able to do what he is capable of doing,” he said.

“The biggest thing is, China should take over the situation, even though they have failed,” he added. “They have promised and not delivered on the promises because they could take him out without any heartbeat. The most important thing is that those old generals that you see with all those medals and stuff out there, they’ve got to realize that time is running out for them, and this guy has gone too far.”

Schilling revealed that he personally knows a young man who enlisted in the military and has been posted to Korea, a posting that seems much more dangerous in the current environment.


Allen West: U.S. Cannot Risk a ‘Neville Chamberlain-Barack Obama Strategic Patience’ Approach to North Korea

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