Allen West “We noticed ONE thing Obama DIDN’T mention in his SOTU… Did you?” 

Did you happen to notice the one thing Obama did not give one word to last night? In all the discussion about the Middle East, not one mention of Israel? Here’s the reason why.

2016 sotu

As Written By Allen B. West:

We reported yesterday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State department was developing a scheme to foment unrest with the Palestinians to undermine Israel. Well, it appears President Obama is doing quite well to subvert the security of Israel all by himself.

As reported by the Daily Caller, “The Islamic State is seeing an increasing number of recruits streaming across Israel’s northern border to Syria. This radicalization has prompted serious attention from Shin Bet, Israel’s national security agency, USA Today reports.

Shin Bet has estimated that around 50 Israeli Arabs have left Israel to take part in the civil war. Some have even traveled to Iraq. Analysts worry that radicalized Arabs will spend time fighting in Syria and Iraq before coming back home and potentially committing domestic acts of terror. There is a shocking amount of support among Israeli Arabs for the Islamic State. As many as 17 percent do not characterize ISIS as extremist and additionally say that they are not ashamed of it, as they’re looking for someone to oppose Israel.”

Of course as Obama said even last night in his State of the Union address, the Guantanamo Bay detention center for unlawful enemy combatants is actually the biggest ISIS recruiting tool. So let me once again explain something to my ill-informed and intellectually-challenged liberal progressive detractors.

Shutting down GITMO means releasing these barbarians. We don’t want them in our U.S. prison system because they’re not U.S. citizens and their actions did not occur on U.S. soil. They are unlawful combatants. This is a war — even they’ve said so. This is not a law enforcement action, but a combat action, regardless of whether President Obama says all that stuff is over.

So here is the manifestation of exactly what Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warned us not to do in August 2011 during a Congressional delegation visit — do not zero out your troop presence in Iraq. He predicted a vacuum would be created and something evil would fill it. Doggone was he correct, and now that something threatens Israel, especially after the most recent pledge from ISIS that “Jews are next”. Well, something tells me that Netanyahu, a former IDF Airborne Commando — not a community organizer — will say to ISIS, “you die first.”

Now, if we really are ….


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