Allen West: We now know why Bill Clinton seemed to fall asleep during Hillary’s speech

After reading this you will see that it all makes perfect sense now.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Charles Dickens wrote a novel called, “The Tale of Two Cities,” in which he depicts London and Paris before and during the French Revolution. It portrayed the relationship between the French aristocracy and the peasants before — and the brutality of the peasants toward the aristocracy during the revolution. If y’all remember a fella named John Edwards, he was a Democrat U.S. Senator from North Carolina who famously, while running for president, coined the idea of “two Americas.” He was attempting to play off Dickens’ theme of creating what’s now known as the class warfare rhetoric in America.

But now that the four-day spectacle called the Democratic National Convention is over, there’s another interesting turn on the theme of Dickens. It is a “Tale of Two Clintons.” On January 23, 1996, in his State of the Union address, it was then President Bill Clinton who spoke these famous words, “the era of big government is over.” Now, of course there are those progressive socialists who will run to to challenge what I just said…but here is the video. Funny thing, when you try to download the 3:48 video link from ABC News, it says, “not found”…fascinating.

Now, in full disclosure, President Clinton did continue to say this, “but we cannot go back to the time when our citizens were left to fend for themselves. We must go forward as one America, one nation working together, to meet the challenges we face together. Self-reliance and teamwork are not opposing virtues — we must have both.” 

But remember, this is the same Bill Clinton who brought forth welfare reform and did reduce the size and scope of the federal government — because he worked with House and Senate Republicans, who embraced conservative principles. And yes, a surplus was created as Clinton was able to ride a wave that was set before him by one Ronald Reagan. What squandered the surplus was Republicans not embracing those conservatives principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility.

However, twenty years later at the DNC in Philadelphia, one has to ask: has the era of big government returned? Is the Bill Clinton of 1996 completely out of touch with the new American socialist party? Is the Democrat party that gave America John F. Kennedy and William Jefferson Clinton dead, gone, kaput, a thing of folklore?

I can certainly attest that there are VERY few, if any, Blue Dog Democrats remaining. The fiscal policies of John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton would be firmly rejected if they were to have addressed the DNC this past week. They would both be booed off the stage. Consider the contrast between Kennedy and Obama: one put a man on the moon, the latter put men in the women’s bathroom. A very telling comparative analysis of ideology and challenge to Americans to be exceptional.

Therefore, watching the incessant embracing of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — a marriage of political necessity; Obama wants a legacy, Hillary wants the presidency — we can surely accept that the platform of the new American socialist party has little to nothing to do with self-reliance. Hillary Clinton standing and screeching about a $15 “living wage” is setting the bar low and causing certain Americans to believe that raising a family and a career can and must be possible simply frying french fries — a far different challenge from Kennedy.

Hillary Clinton has become the ambassador of the new mantra of the American socialist party: equality of outcomes. This is a far cry from what America truly represents, equality of opportunity. The return of the era of big government sets as its objective delivering equal outcomes, and that means redistributing wealth from some to achieve that end. The end result, if Hillary Clinton continues on the …..

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We now know why Bill Clinton seemed to fall asleep during Hillary’s ‘historic’ speech… – Allen B. West –

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