Allen West “We should be talking about respect and regard for the rule of law” Michael Brown

With: The Rev. Michel Faulkner and Allen West

Allen West “Of course, it was not a racism issue. Darren Wilson was responding to a call previous to the incident with Michael Brown about a small little girl in the community and then he got the subsequent call on the issue of Michael Brown.

But the important conversation we should be having are the consequences of the actions that Michael Brown took. Michael Brown, without any doubt or debate, committed several felony offenses. He robbed a store. He assaulted a store owner. He attacked a police officer. He charged at a police officer.

And again, I just don’t understand why we always have to defer to the discussion about race when we should be talking about respect and regard for law enforcement, respect and regard for the rule of law, understanding and respect for our judicial and our due process. We are moving away from, you know, the discussion of the policies that have resulted in the crumbling of the inner city and the destruction of the black family. And therefore, you have these issues.”

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