Allen West “We’ve become the laughing stock of the globe”


by Allen West 

It has been an incredible week out here in Steamboat Springs. A special hat tip to John Kuhn, Todd and Heather Gollnick, Rick and Jennifer Schubert-Akin, Bob and Kathy Latham, Carol and her crew at the Hahn’s Peak Roadhouse, and a sincere tip of the hat to the rescue folks and the Yampa River Medical Center who took care of our daughter Aubrey after her snowmobile mishap.

My humble appreciation to the Steamboat Institute for honoring me with being their keynote speaker for the Winter Dinner.

While here in Steamboat and the surrounding areas, I reflected upon the heartiness and stout character of the men and women who forged ahead and established these communities, and withstood the harshness of the environs. I wondered, does America still possess that rugged individualism, the indomitable spirit that believed they could conquer anything?

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