Allen West: What CNN just posted about Trump is the biggest load of drivel I’ve seen in a long time

When nit comes to journalistic focus, CNN reporting has become very nearsighted. Their short sighted article rings up in a minor key that has no bearing on world events. What difference, at this point, does it make on who helps Donald Trump write his speeches? Former Congressman Allen West point CNN to the things that the SHOULD be covering.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Welcome to today’s episode of “What’s making the left unhinged today?” Let’s be honest, that’s what’s happening with the progressive socialists. Since Donald Trump’s victory last November, they’ve gone absolutely apoplectic about any and everything. Remember the story about President Trump getting two scoops of ice cream while others only got one? Oh my gosh, the horror!!! So the left has gone nutty here domestically and have crafted a “conviction looking for evidence” mentality with all this Russia collusion insanity. Yet, the left, and their media hit men – uh, persons — were completely silent when their guy, B. Hussein Obama, confided that he would have more flexibility to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev after his reelection. No outrage there huh?

So, as President Trump takes off for his first foreign trip that includes several speeches, what is the tone from the left?

As reported by CNN, “The author of President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban, which targeted people from six-majority Muslim countries, is the principal speechwriter for the President’s speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior adviser for policy and speechwriter, is the principal aide in charge of writing both the speech on Islam and Trump’s later speech on the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a White House official told CNN.

Both are topics Miller has spoken out against throughout his career on Capitol Hill and in the White House. The official said the speech has been put together through a collaborative process inside the White House, but that Miller was the primary author.

The speech, which will be given in front of about 50 Muslim leaders, could be a flashpoint in Trump’s eight-day, five country trip. Trump has long derided Islam, proposed banning all Muslim immigration into the United States during the campaign and is expected to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism” throughout the speech in Saudi Arabia, the cradle of the 1.6 billion-member religion.

His travel ban, in the name of protecting the US against terrorism, also specifically targeted all Muslim-majority countries, a move that was derided by Muslims everywhere, including in the Middle East. That ban was the work of Miller, a 31-year-old aide who, along with Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart CEO, has been a key voice in Trump’s ear on immigration. Miller himself has a lengthy history with anti-Muslim rhetoric. During his time at Duke University, Miller wrote extensively for the school’s newspaper, including one article in which he wrote: “Islamic terrorists … have declared a death sentence on every man, woman and child living in this country.”

Well, there we go, the true collusion of progressive socialists and islamo-fascists, as in anything spoken in truth against Islamic jihadism is viewed as racist – even though Islam is not a race — and held in contempt. I’m quite certain we won’t see President Trump bow before the King of Saudi Arabia as Obama did, evidencing early on his lack of spine.

Or does anyone recall the liberal progressive media complaining about Barack Obama demanding Muslim Brotherhood members have front and center seats when he gave his address to the Muslim world at the Cairo University? Crickets. And yes President Trump, it would be a great thing if part of your address was the declaration that you’ve designated by executive order, signed on Air Force One, that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. And challenge every damn one of those Muslim leaders in the audience to do the same…if not, then we know where their allegiances lie.

And what is controversial about a temporary travel halt for 90 days from countries first listed by Barack Obama? Isn’t it very interesting how the leftist media, such as CNN, will NEVER make mention of that little factoid?

And who doesn’t agree that Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Sudan all represent either Islamic terrorist nations, or failed states with a heavy Islamic jihadist presence? So, ask yourself, what has CNN and the left, so upset about President Trump listing countries for a temporary travel halt that were originally listed by the beloved one? Simple, it’s Trump doing it, that’s all. Yep, it just makes the left unhinged.

And speaking about a travel “ban,” just gotta ask, will President Trump and first lady Melania, wonder if the Saudis will demand she wear head covering? I’d tell them to pound sand. Just remember that in Saudi Arabia, no “infidel” — defined as a non-Muslim — is allowed to travel to Mecca or Medina, considered the most “holy” sites in Islam. So, Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot? Can you imagine if we said, there are no Muslims allowed to visit Concord? Or how about Gettysburg? Or the National Cathedral? Nope, that doesn’t define who we are in America, and in liberal Democratic states, we understand the word “tolerance.” But it appears “coexistence” is defined by Islamo-fascists on their terms, just ask the Coptic Christians in Egypt, Assyrians, Chaldeans, or Yazidis. As I say, “when tolerance becomes a one way street, it leads to cultural suicide.”

As the Daily Wire reminded us back in February, “To this day, Israeli Jews are forbidden from entering 16 Muslim countries. Six of the seven [original] states on Trump’s “ban” currently bar Israeli Jews. We’re still waiting on protests condemning the institutionalized and permanent Jewish ban across the Islamic world. Here a list of all the Muslim countries that ban Israeli Jews: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Algeria, Bangladesh, Brunei, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia,………


What CNN just posted about Trump is the biggest load of drivel I’ve seen in a long time – Allen B. West –

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