Allen West: What I experienced at the NRA convention in Atlanta has me DISGUSTED

Former Congressman Allen B. West was in Atlanta this past weekend to attend the National Rifle Association Convention. He had a couple of speaking duties while there and was also there to enjoy the experience. That part of it went just fine. He stayed at the Omni Atlanta Hotel located in the CNN center. That was where his experience went in the toilet. We are not talking rooms here, we are talking about a First Amendment style issue. He was denied the news channel of his choice. Read all about it here.

As Written By Allen B. West:

.I’m writing this from Atlanta in my room at the Omni Atlanta hotel at the CNN center. I’ve been staying here for the NRA Annual meeting and exhibition, departing Tuesday morning after our board meeting today. It has been a great time to be back in my hometown, and interesting to see some of the articles written about this great gathering of Americans.

However, there was something very perplexing that has happened in my time here.

Fox News is listed as channel 42 on the hotel cable system. I got to my room Thursday and hit it: no signal. Well, I just figured something was wrong with the TV overall so I went to channel 43, CNN: fine. I then went to channel 44, Headline News: no problem. Heck, I turned over to channel 45, MSNBC, and yep, playing just fine. So I said to myself, must just be a glitch, and went back to channel 42: no signal. I did what anyone else would do and called down to the front desk and said perhaps there was a cable system issue. I was told they would look into it. Thursday goes by, no channel 42.

Friday comes and I awake and click on to channel 42, Fox News: nothing. So I ask the folks at the front desk if there were others having a problem with channel 42. I was told they hadn’t heard anything. Friday was a pretty busy first full day of the NRA annual meeting with the Institute for Legislative Affairs leadership forum, and I had an event to support young Michael McNeely for Georgia GOP Chairman. I got back to the room late and figured I could hit up channel 42: no joy.

Finally, on Saturday morning at the NRA board breakfast, I asked others who are staying here in the Omni Atlanta hotel at the CNN center. Yep, it was as I thought, channel 42 was blocked. Amazingly enough, the Omni Atlanta hotel north tower, not attached to the CNN center was fine, Fox News channel had full signal.

And so we have people who ask why do we have a Second Amendment?

Well it’s simple: to protect our First Amendment freedoms, such as freedom of the press, which it appears CNN doesn’t support. This is the face of fascism, censorship. Here in America we have a news organization that blocks the broadcast signal of a specific news channel. Now, I would perhaps not thought anything of this if let’s say MSNBC had a blocked signal, but theirs was clear. As well, PBS was broadcasting, and heck, there was even CNBC and the Weather Channel. This was targeted, and it is the face of where this country could be heading if we allow the progressive socialists to be in control.

So what is it, CNN is afraid of open competition so that they block the signal not just of a competing cable news station but a conservative one? After all, MSNBC was broadcasting with no problem.

We have these masked anarchists attacking Americans and denying them their free speech. When have you ever seen constitutional conservatives in the streets torching cars buildings and wearing masks? And these misguided little devils have the nerve to say they’re against fascism?

Enough, enough of dismissing who the liberal progressive left is — they are indeed the fascists. And history has shown what happens with their goals and designs to have singular media messaging. George Orwell’s 1984 is playing right before our eyes, basically “Big Brother” CNN decided from where I would be able to receive my news while staying here. This sense of information control is not in keeping with the true fundamental principles and values of our Republic…then again the progressive left has declared they want to fundamentally transform our America.

Imagine being in an America where you have been disarmed by the leftists? Do you really believe you’lll have your First Amendment rights? Look at California with their insidious and anti-Constitutional gun control measures. And of course, this is where the chucklehead domestic terrorists can threaten and block an American the free speech right to speak on a college campus. Go figure, we have liberal progressive leftist governments who tell our law enforcement agencies to stand down and not protect innocent American citizens, who have been disarmed and are just subjects to the whims of California’s mental basket case legislators.

We learned on Saturday that the Omni hotel system has bought out the entire complex from CNN. This cable news network will be departing Atlanta as its  …… KEEP READING HERE


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